Baby born without a face

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  1. They need to have post-birth abortions for seriously handicapped babies like this. I agree she's too old / self-aware to off now, but it would have been the thing to do years ago...
  2. Keep your homosexual stuff away from me, ranger.
  3. infanticide? shut up.
  4. Every other kind of animal is smart enough to kill/neglect seriously deformed newborns. I'd imagine it's human nature as well...
  5. Wikipedia...

    Infanticide was common in all well-studied ancient cultures, including those of ancient Greece, Rome, India, China, and Japan. The practice of infanticide has taken many forms. Child sacrifice to supernatural figures or forces, such as that allegedly practiced in ancient Carthage, is one form; however, many societies only practiced simple infanticide and regarded child sacrifice as morally repugnant. The end of the practice of infanticide in the ancient world coincided with the rise of Christianity as a major religion. The practice was never completely eradicated, however, and even continues today in areas of extremely high poverty and overpopulation. Female infants, then and now, are particularly vulnerable.

    One frequent method of infanticide in antiquity was simply to abandon the infant, leaving it to death by exposure. Another method commonly used with female children was to severely malnourish them, resulting in a vastly increased risk of death by accident or disease. In some cultures this is thought to have been an open and accepted practice, while in others it may have been practiced privately, with the passive acceptance of society.

    Classic Roman civilization can serve as an example of both aspects. In some periods of Roman history it was traditional practice for a newborn to be brought to the pater familias, the family patriarch, who would then decide whether the child was to be kept and raised, or left to death by exposure. The Twelve Tables of Roman law obliged the pater familias to put to death a child that was visibly deformed. Although infanticide became a capital offense in Roman law in 374 CE, offenders were rarely if ever prosecuted. A practice described in Roman texts was to smear the breast with opium residue so that a nursing baby would die with no outward cause.
  6. i could argue it's in human nature to commit genocide when we can get away with it. we did it to the neanderthal, we did it to the 3-foot people, we did it to the wooly mammoth and moa bird, and we do it to ourselves today. that justifies it? (no)
  7. Obviously I'm not argueing it be practiced to anything like the same degree as historically, but in extreme cases like this it's the obvious choice...

    Even if genocide was a good strategy at times in the very ancient world (where wipeing out someone elses genetics and replaceing them with your own was a real posibility) it no longer is, not that natural selection is at the top of our priority list anymore...
  8. why is it the obvious choice? the child is alive, breathing, and clearly not miserable for being alive, being that she has someone to love and care for her. you basically just said it yourself- natural selection is not at the top of our priority list anymore. i mean if not, why dont we kill every kid born with downs syndrome or autism. or kids born w/ no legs or that are paralyzed from birth.
  9. read my post.
  10. I think they should off the 'tards. Physical handicapes that aren't too major can slide, but this is f*cked (they said in the video it's the worst ever recorded, ever).

    This girl will have NOTHING approaching a normal life, and her parents won't be around forever assuming they don't go insane...
  11. why should they 'off' the retarded? they're completely capable of having enjoyable lives. the same could be said about this girl, who can be very happy with the support her family gives her. dont gimme this 'normal life' bullshit, as though you are any determinant of what that may mean.

    obviously you've never worked with handicapped kids and their families, otherwise you'd know that quite often the extra care necessary for their child brings the parents a lot closer to their children and are still very thankful for the child that they have, and will do everything they can to ensure they can lead happy lives. similarly, handicapped kids are just as capable as you or i to have enjoyable lives, just not in the same way we do. people treating them as human beings and not freaks like you seem to makes all the difference in that. sure, some people can be cruel, but by and large, our society no longer shuns the mentally retarded and physically handicapped. and while this girl we're talking about is quite disfigured, the reconstructive surgery they're currently doing will slowly at least lessen her deformity, and in time she'll be a little better off.

    so in short, you're so full of shit it's comin out your friggin ears.
  12. Severe 'tards are no different than animals. I'm sure a cow can have a happy life but I don't feel bad about my McD habbit. They also cost TONNES of money I'd rather not spend.

    This girl will also cost society multiple fortunes, which is def' something to consider. For the money invested into her sh*tty life you could save thousands in Africa or whatever...
  13. except severely mentally retarded individuals are human beings just like you and me. you dont think so, but it's already been established that you have dumbass definitions for just about everything, and luckily no government agrees with you.
  14. Clearly I believe there's more to being a human being than DNA (otherwise how could I justify abortion?)

    And Holland agrees with me, and things that start there that I agree with have a habbit of spreading...
  15. Is a chimp with Down syndrome and 47 chromosomes as smart as a human with Down syndrome and 47 chromosomes? Or can a chimp even have Down syndrome at all?
  16. does it matter?
  17. I don't think I'd consider downs' off-a-ble. People with downs usually end up with jobs, even if they suck, and they can think and feel on a human level...
  18. I'm curious for crying out loud!
  19. So now money comes it to the equation too ?

    You're trying to put a dollar price on human life.

    So far the only thing in this thread that comes across as sub-human is you.


  20. "She's still a marvelous little girl and they're clearly thankful for her.I would be too."

    Easier said than done...?

    Nobody would be thankful for that, regardless of what they say or how they act on camera.

    I could only imagine what those poor people go through everyday, and what an extremely difficult life that little girl will live.

    The Lord is harsh sometimes....
  21. without a face wtf?
  22. i know a good number of people who are thankful for a child despite very adverse handicaps they have.
  23. I think you all should fly me to wherever stewacide lives so I can beat the utter crap out of him. Quick, somebody start a fundraiser!
  24. You have to give credit to the parents for loving the kid like they do even those she has such extreme defects.

    BTW, who in the hell are we to say that someone should be popped because they don't hold up to our own standards of what is "normal"? That logic is no different than the Nazis. They killed Jews, blacks, retarded people, the physically deformed, etc. because they thought they wern't normal and were a drag on German society. Such a thought process is totally disgusting. The parents of that little girl seem happy, and she seems happy enough. But wait, she's a freak - let's just kill her. Does human life mean anything anymore?
    For several years now, I've worked with kids who suffer from muscular dystrophy. I just delivered a Christmas gift to a 13-year-old boy that I know who is suffering from Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy. This disease systematically breaks down your muscles and renders them useless until you die. It's terminal, and there's no cure whatsoever. This kid is in a powered wheelchair, requires help with everything he does, needs kidney dialysis, and cannot even urinate normally. He has had numerous surgeries, including one a few days ago to insert metal reinforcement on his spine just so he can set up in his wheelchair. He probly won't live to see 20. However, he is still a happy guy who enjoys life, hangs out with friends, and is a fun kid to be around. His physical pain is enormous, and according the logic of some here, that means we should kill him. However, who are we to decide that others should die like that?
  25. Great post FerrariAKL.

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