baby ferrari???

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by gallardo, Feb 5, 2008.

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  2. first an SUV, no this
  3. maybe.....
  4. Red one looks quite nice. Reminds me a bit of Aston V8 Vantage
  5. the SUV was a proposed idea, this is a real test mule.
  6. pff no, i saw this car testing at maranello in 2006, its a maserati mule, these pics must be pretty old unless they are making a race or faster version
  7. looks like yyou're right, that seems like a maserati engine in there
  8. Could that be the dino concept test mule?
  9. when i was there the first time, mid 2006 this thing was driving around all day long, on the track and the streets, it was bloody loud. There were also maserati engineers at maranello, wearing blue maserati overalls, because i caught the same bus as them out of there.
  10. here is the ferrari SUV testmule
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  12. Probably the 911 fighter from Maserati that we've all been hearing about
  13. that P shop is hot ... I would be completely satisfied if that was a new dino .
  14. I wish!
  15. Sadly, that ALMOST looks cool. Not that Ferrari should ever make an SUV.
  16. The profile is very similar to the classic supercar designs of the 60's. The wheels could use more profile, but I hope Ferrari is headed in that direction as long as they can avoid the retro style.
  17. the retro styling of the concept is what I love about
  18. Do you have any more pics of that mule?? if you have post them please!!
  20. Defiantly not .
  21. No because that isn't a Ferrari but a Vinci Sport a concept made by a Portuguese company (Retroconcept, the same company that made the Vinci GT).
  22. Look in next couple of years Ferrari will be bringing out a folding metal roof /4 seater version of f430 priced between the 599 and 430, it will have around 530hp. Its code named the f149

    In 2009 the f430 replacement will come but i don't know much about it but is code named the f142.
  23. n00b

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