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  1. I really really love this car. This is absolutely the car I am going to buy. I live in Norway, and maybe need to import it from the U.S.
    Anyone know where I should look to find this car online for sale? Any URL suggestions ?

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    Always loved old american muscle cars. This one is soooo sweet !!!
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    nice car,

    its to bad they made them into white trash cars...
    but this year is prolly the nicest year they ever made (prolly the only good one)
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    I also live in Norway, and today I found this car for sale.

    You can search on, and you'll find it.

    There is no picture, so I don't know what condition it is in, but
    it's worth a try.

    Too bad I don't enough money for this baby at the moment :(
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    <b>nice car,

    its to bad they made them into white trash cars...
    but this year is prolly the nicest year they ever made (prolly the only good one)</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    Hahaha, um...ok. Actually, the '67-'69 were even sweeter (to me anyway), and they were awesome right up until 79 when they stopped using the 400/455 engines (dang gas crisis/emissions laws...), then...the 80's sucked..for all cars, but now, they're back just as sweet as ever. Oh, and I don't think that a 32,000 dollar car can be justly called "white trash"...besides...a trans am will whup up on a mustang anyday<IMG SRC=""><!-- Signature -->
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    im sorry to say guys.....Theyve stopped makin them!!

    my dad used to have 1 and he went under the heathrow tunnel going 135 mph!!

    the sound was amazing

    the speacial thing about my dads car was it was multi coloured so it changed angle at different angles in witch u look at it!!!!
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    try they even have a clk gtr for sale!!<!-- Signature -->
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    I love this car so much.I like the general look of it but judging by the year and the make it probly does not have such good performance, but this is way companys such as summit,hardcore,holley etc were created. slap a 400 cubic inch hardcore racing engine a street avenger carb, msd ignition and you got yourself a 700 hp serious racing bird.
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    Your right, the SUPERDUTY models are RARE. And they are powerfull. Oly a few where ever made. About 30 or 40 if I'm right. Expensive though.<!-- Signature -->
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    there were a total of 252 and 73 super duty built through 1973 to 1974.<!-- Signature -->
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    I don't care what anyone says... Having driven my fair share of fast cars, there was nothing like shifting one of these cars at almost 5000 rpm's through a tunnel, with the 4" sidepipes SCREAMING a 400hp+ V* crescendo.

    That's the truth, and I'm stickin' to it. These things are the best.
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    I own a 79 Trans Am, got em about 12 months ago, you might wanna try the classic car trader on the autotrader website or the they have a bunch of em from time to time. It all depends on how much you want to spend on the car, some of them sell for about $23,000 but not all of them you could find one for $2000 if you're lucky. They sure do burn up alot of gas but when you hear the sound of the engine especially when you race makes it all worthwhile!
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    I will agree with that!! any American Muscle Car is sweet, but this one is very sweet!! the old Firebirds were awesome..
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    Hey I sold mine which was in pretty nice shape all around on Ebay... I had taken most of it apart for repainting and rebuilding... and the thing went for $1650... Yep, I got screwed.
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    dude, u did get screwed. if i had this car in good condition, u would hav 2 kill me 2 take it away from me.
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    this was one of the pontiac ever made. i love especially the 71 with the 455ho and 1973 -74 fitted with the 455sd.great muscle car with a tough nice ride.



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