Back is UGLY

Discussion in '1995 Maserati Auge Concept' started by asimraja, Jan 23, 2003.

  1. in my opinion, the brake lights are too far forward and not enough back. the car looks deformed in that perspective. the tuscans brake lights are a different story though. i actually love the tuscan especially the R. The lights on that might be wierd yet it makes that car look unique. I like the front end though, not too much Qs of maserati, but it would do. if they decided to make this car, it would stay at the mafufacturers plant because no orders would come for it...
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    i agree, its not what i would expect, and thats exactly why its a concept though.
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    Yeah, but the front looks good.
  4. I think fiat used the back of this to use as the front of their multipla.

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