Back on top in the american muscle grudge match

Discussion in '2008 Dodge Viper SRT-10' started by lt4, Jan 5, 2007.

  1. It will bw interesting to see the vette boys (Chevs) response.
  2. 600 hp?!?!? this is a beast! i love Dodge vipers

    Man, i saw one in Vancouver the other day, shiiiiit it was nice, jet black, black rims, oh, did i mention it was a Hennesy?, the body kit on the thing was unmistakably Hennesy, and the roar coming out if it exaust was AWWWWWSOME

    The funny part was, is that, when they parked it in front of one of the ritzy-est hotels in town and got out, i swaer to god, he looked nothing like he was rich. he was just a plain white guy, dressed in blue jeans, a t-shirt, and a ballcap, i just about passed out.

    anyways, thats my story for today im out
  3. dont know why but i think it will have more then 600 hp, no way did they anounce a figure like this so early in the game, they want to tempt chevy into releasing the HP rating of the "blue devil" and then trump it.

    or i could be wrong
  4. You could be right. The viper motor last year was lazy and laid back. It probably still is.
  5. Response: Super 'vette. Game over.
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    Hey, SVS already made a 2000 horsepower Viper based on the old one.

    This one could probably go even further. I believe they would have no problem making the stock one go well over 800 horsepower without big modifications.
  7. Also, I love the new hood.

    And it seems they have increased the engine size a bit, too. It went from 8.3l to 8.4l.
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    yea but that was tuned, 600 from the factory for under 90k is just inspired
  9. me toooooooooo!!!
  10. The next few months will be interesting.600hp in the current zo6 would be pretty potent.
  11. great looking car. great performance in a straight line. interior makes me wanna barf..half assed like the vette. they coulda spent some more time and even raised the price by 2000$ and given this car a beautiful interior and it would have been a great car. right now its just a big engine strapped to a chassis with four wheels.
  12. the Viper has never been about luxury more like raw power hold the amenities.
  13. Actually It was announced a couple months back that Chevy was coming out with a Supercharged version of the Z06 called the Stingray, pushing 600 hp.
  14. and also weighing in at about 2900 lbs supposedly
  15. here's a question,why with all the new power did they limit the top speed to 190mph.It's not slow by any means but WHY?Any 0-60 times yet anyone?
  16. why cant dodge put some effort into improving the interior. I mean you're paying almost 80 grand for interior straight out of a caravan. other than that its a sweet car.
  17. damn Gypsy interior.
  18. hey it's a musclecar it's all about simplicity if ya want luxery buy a bently oh and the new Z07 vette is said to be rated at 700 HP with a supercharged ls2 ( i think) so well see how SRT deals with it
  19. I'm always love the VIPER!!
  20. The ACR was just announced. Pilot Sport Cup tires, adjustable suspension, racing brakes, and a half ton of downforce. And it's lighter by 80 lbs. That's what the 99 ACR should have been. The 08 is going to be fast.

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