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    F1 boss calls Hitler flap ‘misunderstanding’
    Ecclestone says he only meant to praise dictator's economic successes

    BERLIN - Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone says the furor over his reported comment that Adolf Hitler got “things done” is a misunderstanding.

    The German daily newspaper Bild quoted Ecclestone in a story published Monday as saying that “this was all a big misunderstanding.”

    The World Jewish Congress had called for Ecclestone to resign after his comments appeared in The Times of London on Saturday.

    The flap comes ahead of the German Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring circuit on Sunday.

    “I did not put Hitler forward as a positive example, but simply noted that, before his appalling crimes, he acted successfully against unemployment and the economic crisis,” Ecclestone was quoted as saying in the Bild article, which noted that Hitler created jobs through rearmament.

    Ecclestone said that it was never his intention to “hurt the feelings of a community,” the Bild reported. “Many of my closest friends are Jews.”

    The Times quoted Ecclestone as saying: “In a lot of ways, terrible to say this I suppose, but apart from the fact that Hitler got taken away and persuaded to do things that I have no idea whether he wanted to do or not, he was in the way that he could command a lot of people, able to get things done.”

    But “in the end he got lost, so he wasn’t a very good dictator.”
  2. LOL! that guy is incredible!
  3. I actually agree with Bernie on this one. Hitler was an amazingly successful leader/politician.
  4. yeah, but you have to be an absolute fUcking idiot to use him as an example for anything when youre a public figure.
  5. What would Jesus say about Hitler?
  6. Not a fan of Jews, but they use their power to make him resign.
  7. Yeah, that's definitely true.
  8. You're not real.

    LOL at the photo.
  9. Where does that mans money go? Obviously not on a decent barber.
  10. he is absolutely correct though.

    Hitler was probably the best speaker of the 20th century, and possibly one of the best people at leading people ever. Its unfortunate he decided to lead a country to genocide and the world to the worst calamity in recent history. If he wasnt so good at what he did he wouldnt have made as big of an impact.
  11. hahahahahahahaha..or a decent carpet cleaner for his rug...if it really is a rug.
  12. One side of me agrees with you.

    But the other side of me says its not Bernie's fault that people and the media are idiotic hypocrites who don't know shit about history.
  13. Yeah, but there are plenty of other people to hold up as examples of people who got things done. Anyone who uses any dictator as an example of why dictatorships are best should expect trouble. It is bad logic, and bad PR.
  14. "Many of my closest friends are Jews!"
  15. haha that old chestnut.
  16. no i would say his a pretty terrible leader/politican. gaining ascendancy but using a section of your community as a scape goat for your countries ills and then consolidating power by removing any democratic rights and rivals isn't that cool or worthy of merit. and THEN leading your country into a prolonged war at the cost of 10's millions of lives is not how i would define a good leader - thrilling oratory speeches and work for everyone! or not.
  17. He was a great leader in the sense of how much leadership he showed and how loyal his followers were.

    Being good at leading and leading people to the right place are completely different, unrelated things.
  18. His followers? Many of them were fearful for their lives and the lives of their families. Some were "just following orders." Others were actively plotting to kill him. Others were just as sick and twisted as he was, if not moreso. It doesn't take much "leadership" to incite a mob of Nazi skinheads to beat up on a group of Jews.

    OK, so one dictator (Bernie) within his sphere of power voices admiration for other dictators. How surprising.
  19. Whether they feared, or didnt fear or "just followed orders" or whatever doesnt matter. He got people to do the shit he wanted to do. whatever methods were used is irrelevant. The fact is a shitload of people did what he said. Thats being a leader. He was good at that. He wouldnt be so universally hated if he wasnt so good at it (ie: he wouldnt have killed that many people).

    And all big leaders have people plotting to kill them. Look at MLK.
  20. Hitler was also a good artist and loved animals.
  21. No one here is saying that big leaders don't have people plotting to kill them. The difference here is that it wasn't one of MLK's *followers* that killed him.

    If a mugger points a gun at your head and tells you to give him your money, and you do it out of fear of your life, is that a good leader? He got shit done. He got you to do do what he wanted. He's now richer for it too.

    A small fire starts on the 9th floor of a university. Instead of looking for the nearest stairway, a teacher on the 8th floor tells his students to jump out the window. They all do. They all die. The teacher got shit done. He cleared the room; no one got burned. He's a great leader. The fire was on the other side of the building.

    A squad commander chases a terrorist into a hospital. He tells his men to open fire. They kill the terrorist, along with everyone inside the hospital. The commander got shit done. He's a great leader.

    You know what, you're right. Ethics and good judgement is way overblown. Execs and politicians should be able to lie, cheat, steal, and murder as much as they want. As long as they get shit done. Leadership is defined by the end result, not by how you go about achieving it.
  22. I'm not sure many Germans in 1945 would be agreeing with you...Their whole country devastated etc...
  23. hahahaha this thread is awesome
  24. the mugger example is the mugger was leading no one..he himself acted..instead of leading someone to do his action for him.

    hitler lead his people to believe they were a superior race...and that jews were obviously not. he also brought a broke ass country of germany into money through armorment. if he didnt destroy the jews and did good he would prolly be one of the best leaders ever. but to be a "good" leader does not mean you have to be doing good.

    your examples are weak.
  25. Mugger example is not void. The mugger, through coercion, is influencing someone else to do something to achieve an end, a result. Guy grabs a lady's son, points a gun to his head and tells the lady "Go rob that bank, or else." Now we have him "leading someone to do his action for him." Does that really even matter? LOL. The number of people doesn't matter. This is what matters:

    "Whether they feared, or didnt fear or 'just followed orders' or whatever doesnt matter. He got people to do the shit he wanted to do. whatever methods were used is irrelevant."

    He brought a broke-ass germany into money through armorment...and then crushed it. Net effect: worse than before the war. How do you know Germany wouldn't be better off by 1945 without his actions than before it? As a result of the war, their industry was heavily regulated by the powers that won.
    And if he didn't destroy the Jews...oh, wait. Nevermind. He DID destroy the Jews. Destroyed much of a generation of Germans, killed how many millions of Russians and Brits too. He's not one of the best leaders ever.

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