bad ass but a lambo copy to hell!!

Discussion in '1992 Monteverdi Hai 650 F1' started by the revenge of Ivan Man, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. this car is bad ass!! but its a lambo copy like shit! but i dont really give a shit if it copys a car as long as it looks bad ass!!!

  2. nice car

    almost 580hp outa a v8.. not bad... is light as hell.. i bet this thing really takes off..styling reminiscent of a ferrari 360 with subtle differences such as the front and more glass can't tell from pic but looks like either full glass bubble or perhaps t-top...looks pretty good for a '92<!-- Signature -->
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    yeah its really nice huh. sorry dont know mucgh about it but if u ask me it looks a lot like the Ferrari F50 design, this came first so mayme ferrari could have been inpired.

    also 11000rpm, thats almost Formula 1 range. maybe thats why is the Hai F1
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from ettorebugatti</i>
    <b>i have been searching for this car for a long time.But I still don't know where they were built,the name monteverdi sounds like an italian name,but i've heard that the monteverdi factory is located in swiss alps,so does anyone know where they were built???</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    I read about Peter Monteverdi and his company back in the 70's. They are Swiss. This car uses a Motori Moderni F1 engine. They have ties to Subaru.<!-- Signature -->
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    11,000rpm V8 must sound really nice
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    This car does NOT look like a Lamborghini dumbass! I think that it kind of looks like an XJ220...
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    A rounded F50.
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    When Peter Monteverdi decided to make his own cars after running a Ferrari dealership in the sixties, he opted for American muscle. His supercar of the late sixties, the Hai SS, came with a 426 Hemi, ZF transaxle, and was mid-engined. Monteverdi was in Switzerland, and provided Italian design with Mopar power to a very elite group of enthusiasts. His Hai SS went 0-100 in 12 seconds, while the Ferrari 275 GTB from the same year could barely break into the high 14s. While the Ferrari 250 LM and the Ford GT-40 were the first mid-engined GT cars, the Monteverdi and the Lamborghini Muira were the first mid-engined road cars. Regardless of the Muira's exotic looks and clever transverse placement of it's V-12, the Hai SS would blow its doors off. Peter Monteverdi may have drawn inspiration for his latest creation from other car designers, but he has also been contributing his own ideas since around 1967.

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