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  1. This Is The Coolest car ever but it is not to fast for me
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    man who ever started this forum is an absolute fuk up!!! the 456 is the best ferrari in years
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    I think its nice
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    Who started this!? This is the best ferrari I can remember
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    Is my grandma on this or something
    This car rocks.
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    This Is The Coolest car ever but it is not to fast for me
    I seriously dont understand it when ppl complain that certain supercars are toooo damn slow for them. HELLLO??! Its hella fast fool! I kno its not as fast as some other cars, but sayin thats its not fast enough for u is just idiotic. Im 110%+ sure that it will screw whatever u drive!
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    This is not a bad car, it's a great car !
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    i love this car!
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    I'd rather drive a mustang, actually im kidding I hate mustangs but I think of this car as just another one I'm gonna love to hate, very disappointed in Ferrari....
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    This car is cool, it is not as loud (styling wise) as something like a 360 modena, and may not be quite as fast but come on, half a second 0-60 is not a great amount for the weight difference.
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    Fast enough? Son, you give me an example of a car fast enough for you, and I bust on your ass then.
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    becauits italian
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    You really need to be shot. Consider it a part of your patriotic duty. Why the hell would you even entertain the thought of HATING the 456? Stupid you!!! Are you a retard? Well, I guess that's a dumb question because I already know the answer to it and so does everyone else.

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