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Discussion in '2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6.0 SE' started by grimlock77, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Dude i used to think ohh lambos are the bomb but now tha ive looke dat this site ive found out that vipers are better like the tnt king snake viper can go 208 the hennesey venom viper gos 234 i mean geez lambos suck
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    You're talking about tuned Vipers. Tuned Lambos can set the world on fire.
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    Ain't it the truth! You gotta give all cars a chance to be tuned. Enough with the Viper already, it sucks!
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    I think they both suck. Im happy to see them be ripped apart - sob over some of the lambos that have been torn apart! I would jump with joy. Thats my opinion. Only rich mexicans drive lambos. (oxymoron) hehehe....

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    Hey NeprtOn, I don't care about your perverted enjoyment of seeing good cars get recked, but don't bring your racist comments in here.
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    u 2 r really STUPID!!!!!!! the VT. 6.0 is the best lambo there is... vipers are amazingly nice and fast, but take the raging bulls V12, and the lambo would gore the viper straight up the ass
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    Vipers are shit, it doesn't mater if they're tuned or not they will always be shit<!-- Signature -->
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    this is hardly a bad car, the reason this one is slower is cause its not made to be the fastest Lambo, take the Lamborghini VTTT and lets see how well your viper will last<!-- Signature -->
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    man ur talking about a #$%#in' lamborghini v12..... and if this babe gets tuned..... i dont think u wanna see what's gonna happen....
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    The 800tt would rip the vt a new one. i like lambos but it is the truth.

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