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Discussion in '2009 SSC Ultimate Aero' started by killer filler, Dec 17, 2008.

  1. We can see, Yes, its sweet looking, but just show us the pictures of the car outside. If there is one thing i hate more then photoshop backgrounds, its shitty photoshop backgrounds, These pictures cover both bases. Forget about the back ground, show the pictures on the street!!
  2. Shelby needs to replace everyone in their coach design department.

    The airdam looks EXACTLY like the cheap aftermarket tuner airdams that high school kids were buying for their Acura Integras and Honda Civics in the mid to late 1990s. The headlights look like they were stolen from the Lexus IS250. The large, rounded shiny black side scoop couldn't be any less attractive and doesn't fit with the overall design, and what's with that black strip on the hood that looks like a plastic stick-on accessory?

    The car has excellent mechanical design -beautiful, if you will, through the philosophy of form-follows-function. The incredible one-piece billet engine; the aero-brake; and the performance . . . incredible! Yes, the potential is there. The potential to woo the masses. The potential to put posters on the bedroom walls of millions of boys. The potential to make Shelby one of the major names that comes to mind when one hears the word supercar. The potential to become an iconic iteration of what a supercar actually is, just as say, Ferrari, or Lamborghini, or McLaren has done.

    Sadly, this is another example of a car with incredible potential that just won't sell. There are plenty of cars that have excellent aerodynamics or integral downforce-generating design features that are beautiful. Just because it passed wind tunnel testing doesn't mean it has to look the way it does. Nobody that can afford a car like this would buy a car that looks this cheap.

  3. Agreed... This car's design is sup par compared to others.... Blame America haha. But you have to admit, that AeroBrake system sounds pretty damn cool, and atleast you won't have to worry about some snob driving a Veyron beating you in a drag race.
  4. ya the design looks like they ripped off a bunch of other cars. At least SSC designed their own block though so thats a start
  5. 'The headlights look like they were stolen from the Lexus IS250'

    Close, they were stolen from the Ford Focus.
  6. Back off, haters! Yes, it's not the most original design (Lamborghini Diablo,anyone), but it's a classic supercar shape. I think it looks menacing, purposeful, and reassuringly expensive, not cheap or plasticky.

    I think it's much more attractive than the fat, bloated Veyron or the needle-nosed Enzo, for example.
  7. still looks like a crossbreed between a F1 and a S7 but i wish i had the digits in pocket for it its got 1280 hp my kind of car.
  8. new improvements
    15% increase in horse power
    5% reduction in aerodynamic drag
    37% increase in cooling systems
    AeroBrake 8 TM" Actuating rear spoilers under braking conditions
    Fully Restyled interior with Carbon Fiber Accent Package...
    ... not to mention to cool new paint lol

    take that bugatti lovers and ur stupid pur sang and sang nor and shit
    they will get smoked just like the older one did
  9. looks like shit... but goes like THE shit.

    i'd buy one over the veyron anyday...
  10. heh, with that much torque, you would think it would just rip itself in half.
  11. Who cares about the bad photo-shop any ways. Look at those performance numbers, man I just can't get enough of this wicked machine, ANY MORE DUDES!!!
  12. THANK YOU!!!......My point exactly, dude.
  13. holy ***t this is a badas car
  14. looks like an inbred diablo...ugh
  15. i don't think they were going at all for design... they just intended to break the top speed record, which they did, and they probably knew their car wasn't the greatest looking/designed in the market

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