badass or waste of money?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by AutoX, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. gunna get wrecked by a war/terrorists
  2. that staircase saw thing is mental
  3. its awesome, but the fact they're planning more around the world is lame as hell
  4. I could take it or leave it
  5. im a fan
  6. Wonder if it has a good mechanism, georg?
  7. wait whos money uis this
  9. I think its awesome.
  10. i think we need stuff like this. its cool looking at stuff that past civilizations have left around and wondering about how and why they decided they wanted to do those sort of things. the nazca lines, henges of stone, the maoi on easter island. and those arent even real complicated things.

    it would be rad if civilization was super regressed 10,000 years from now and they found this incredibly intricate thing.
  11. not caring crew signing in
  12. its powered by the temperature cycles between night and day, and it supposed to be able to run for 10000 years with no human intervention. thats gotta be worth something.
  13. yawn
    *browses thinspo blog*
    *lols at funny line charron said in rap battle in another open tab*
  15. waste of money indeed
  16. wonder how many jewels it has
  17. #$%#ing should be a rolex
  18. yes and be super tackyyyy
  19. all the titanium and steel and gold and whatever will be stolen by somebody soon enough. probably by a black

    *waits for mcgriffin*
  20. yours, courtesy of Obama. HAHA

    quick somebody call ron paul or whatever he is called
  21. do you think is a quality movement or just liberal garbage like Tsg Heuer or Timex
  22. baste of money

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