Badass trucks picture thread

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  1. Washed and detailed my truck yesterday. only got one pic with my cell before it got too dark.
  2. What is that? Cheetah prototype?
  3. keep this shit up.

    A few Magirus Deutz trucks, cool logo huh, sweet engine (air cooled diesel)
    and the ever so sturdy Albion trucks, too bad they are insanely rare, because they are amazingly well built
  4. That second shot is just a really nice photo in pretty much every way. Don't really care for the subject, but it's a very pretty shot.
  5. Wish they would have built this
  6. They did. It sits in Toby Keiths driveway. and he actually has two as far as I know.

    Would have been cool to see it in production.
  7. The FJ's from the previous Baja races were pretty awesome.
  8. Whatever happened with the F-150 Raptor? Is it still happening?
  9. yeah the raptors still happening and heres a TCs FJ
  10. wow, post more pics of that... i am going off-road tomorow, i will see if i can take some actio pics
  11. Yes.
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    mmm, I cant wait till I get a new engine in her, and fix it up a bit.
  14. ive i ever buy a truck this is it
  15. If I ever buy any new truck other than a new Chevy, this is it.
  16. Chevy doesn't have anything close to the Raptor.
  17. Not the same type of truck but Chevy has much better trucks overall.
  18. Can you be more specific?
  19. Are you retarded? Whats so hard to understand when I say Chevy has better overall trucks than Ford?
  20. I saw a 9 axle crane at Victoria and Dundas in Toronto when they were building the Metropolis shopping centre. My jaw dropped, it was similar to that but with a smaller crane setup, and it was parked on a tiny and tight little street in downtown Toronto, I walked around it scratching my head tryna figure out how the hell the driver got it in there.

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