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  1. That is one gorgeous Pete.
  2. No, if you think a silverado is better than the F-Series you must be retarded
  3. My grandaddy drove a chebby, my daddy drove a chebby, so gaul darnt chebbys better n' ford.
  4. Dude, I asked you for specifics on how Chevys are better than Fords. Was my question that hard to understand?
  6. FOUND ON ROAD DEAD no thanks

  7. Constantly
  8. oh wow talkin aobut fords i see
  9. My opinion is based on how often we replace our trucks at work due to major mechanical failures. Our Chevs tend to last about 5 years, the ford last on average about 2 years and we dont waste our time with Dodge anymore.
    Chevy trucks are more reliable vehicle and much more durable vehicle then the F-series. The only thing Fords have going for them is the power stroke, and the new twin Turbo power stroke are hunks of crap too. Even Ford mechanics will tell you not to buy a new Power stroke. not for another year or two. The only reason the F-series out sells GM is price. Fords are on average quite a bit cheaper.
  10. my 01' f150 has 218,000. Treat it like shit but still going strong. A Dodge would have had its transmission replaced 218 times by then, and a chebby would still be stuck in the mud after I took that short cut to take my sister home after our romantic dinner. My Ford pulled through though and guess who got lucky? Me.
  11. You got lucky with your sister? sigh.. typical ford owner.
  12. Seams like every ford vs chevy war produces a story like this.
  13. besides the powerstroke 6 liter being a turd, the duramax is really not all that better, and besides, the old 7.3 was more sturdy anyways.

    If you want a diesel in the pickup truck market, obviously cummins b series is the best choice for widespread engines. Everything else in that range sucks. Too bad Caterpillar and Detroit Diesel only pander to the big trucks nowadays, they are easily way better than what Ford or Chevy could ever have.
  14. I've seen 2001 or so 7.3 4x4 crew cabs going for less then ten lately. Definatly considering getting one.
  15. Yes it does.
    For the record I own both a Chev and a Ford. I have a 1991 Suburban and a 1993 F-150.
    I prefer the Suburban but it is a straight up beast, I drive the ford more often cause its better on gas.
  16. That story comes from both sides.
  17. in truck tests the HD chevy/GM beat the fords and dodge
  18. The argument of ford vs chevy vs dodge in 1 ton trucks is moot. If your a chevy guy ur gonna buy a chevy, if your a ford guy, ect.....Ford sells the most im pretty sure, In my opinion looks the best, still has a solid axle, pretty sure hauls the most legally. When you go to the desert or river 90% of the 3/4 ton+ trucks are fords. Most of the studio trucks around here are fords too.
  19. I honestly would have to say its due mainly to price. Fords are cheaper to buy, cheaper to lift, cheaper to tune on average than GMs.
  20. Who denied the bailout? That's all I'm sayin.
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  23. ohei i like gm okay.

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