BADASS VIDEO 240Z W/ 750 HP!!!!!!

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  1. SEARCH FOR 240Z ON KAZAA AND IT'S CALLED cool_supercar_burnouts_race(original_240z)IT IS SO BADASS IT'S A 1971 DATSUN 240Z WITH A BLOWN CORVETTE LS1 MOTOR AND A CHEVY SIX SPEED!!!! DOES BURNOUTS AT LIKE 80 MP/H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    yea i have that video, that car looks so #$%#ing awesome and kicks ass!
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    datsun or nissan, which was first?
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    Datsun was first.
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    Is datsun part nisaan, cause they appear to be.
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    Datsun was a name that Nissan used to market itself in the US, partially because they were so unsure of their ability to sell cars there. But the actual corporation was always called Nissan, and eventually Nissan stopped being squeamish about using their name and switched.
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    that video was #$%#in insane, i can only imagine how awesome that would be to drive that car.
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    That video is freaking insane, i have that one and all of darius's available on kazaa and variouse websites. Look for z vs r1, video takes place from the same stoplight but in this clip he smokes a yamaha r1. Hard to beleive I know, everyone I talk denies that a z could ever beat an R1 in a strait line, but he does low 9 second quarter miles with a full interior. He mainly does sport bike stunts, if you want to check it out his name is Darius, you can check out more about his car at . he has several dvd's out, good footage of his z in alot of them. My friend and I got turned on to his car when we where building our z's. I went the rout of opening the 2.4 to 2.9l with tripple mikuni's two two fuel pumps and a cam, he has a small block 350 bored to 400 and a T56. He does low 12's to elevens, while im working low 13's to high twelves.
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    You can fit Chevy 389s under the hood, the car weighs less then 2500 pounds, and it's rear-wheel drive. Oh and the price is generally in the $2500-$4000 range. So it makes a fantastic budget platform for drag and ESPECIALLY track racing. Those little 240Zs absolutely tear up the track, even bone stock.
  10. Datsun are a badass car mostly the 280z turbo!!!

    Also Ford sucks, mustangs suck and ford should just stop trying altogether because everything they make looks sounds and is SHITTY!!!!!!!!


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