1. I really dig the way this car looks. Reminds me of DeLorean. I especially like the glass doors. Low power though, could have been something!<!-- Signature -->
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    too much glass<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- Signature -->
  4. open window

    Nice touch, started getting there ideas here I see.<!-- Signature -->
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    The gull-wing doors add a sporty touch. And the glass is a great aid to visibility.<!-- Signature -->
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    the silver interior. i dont know wether to admire it or laugh at this car.
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    yep DMC
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    I really like the DeLorean look too but I don't like this too much
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    I've noticed this site compares most every sport concept car to the delorean, as if the DMC-12 was a facsimile of every concept/production sports car ever made.
    my main problem with this comparison is that this car dates from 1967, at least 15 years before the Delorean first rolled onto public roads.
    surely there is a batter car to benchmark things against?
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    this car is interesting...it looks like the Pope should ride in it with all the glass it has on. it it is delorian ish
  12. Love the styling, but this car is all flash and no substance, which is why it remained a concept car.

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