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  1. Your town voted for in the referendum, wtf happened there?
  2. Yeah i'm a bit ashamed. Probably know it all students who voted for.
  3. Ahh well... At least the against vote won out convincingly. Would you say things are looking good for the Brexit now?
  4. What referendum?
  5. I don't think GB cares about what we do here, but it may give voters that were doubting about voting some more confidence to go out and do it, maybe.
  6. on whether the dutch population approves of the eu's association treaty with ukraine

    was a #%[email protected] and a half to make it so far to make this happen with all the obstructions tossed in, it was almost like a really bad comedy series
  7. The referendum is going to be ignored by the EC btw. Juncker already said it's signed so the deal with continue. Oh how i love democracy.
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  9. Anyway, it's up to rubbererut what's going to happen, so I'm still fearing the worst
  10. We'll see what happens.

    Next up: TTIP!
  11. It's ooooonnnnnn
  12. Next up "religious freedom bill"
  13. who's that? the new captain america?
  14. speaking of eu.

    here's guy verhofstadt, buying a bmw m1. now you know where your tax money goes to.

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  15. hallo, desi voot
  16. gotta say he has good taste in cars then <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  17. Our government never has referendums. Once elected, we're forced to respect their [email protected]~

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