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  1. I live in Houston, tons of ricers.
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    heron is still cool though

  3. best comment
  4. ya it is lol
  5. 2nd best comment
  6. It actually isnt hideous.. Just weird.

    This is more hideous
  7. Harlequin CLS?
  8. Was this in South Central?
  9. It was in Tarzana, CA. a suburb near Encino, CA. South Central is roughly.. say 15-20 miles south of this city.(or something like that)

    So in a nutshell.. No.
  10. Got ya
  11. theres a harlequin polo around here. looks so weird/awesome.
  12. +1
  13. this is #$%#ing awesome
  14. you know what drives me nuts?

    I can't have a CLS550

    but this guy can
  15. theres no such ting as a cls550
  16. that is so awesome
  17. well whatever the #$%# it is

    do I look like a mercedes expert/innotech?

    EDIT: and ya there is
  18. it #$%#in says CLS550 on the back of the car in the pic
  19. If I got a McLaren F1 I would so make it harlequin looking. And then Paleton would blog about killing me.
  20. must be an american thing.
  21. no its a german thing you stupid asshole
  22. hurr. apperantly it's called the 500 here.
  23. when they got the new engine (5,5l instead of 5) it got relabeled in some countries to 550. while it kept its 500 name in other countries...
  24. thank you for the educated response, you are a valued member of our community. I will now give you one karma, so that #%[email protected] know.
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