Bang for the Buck

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by cobrajet, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. Fast sports cars u can afford. With horse power

    Which do u think is the best sports car for your money. and WHY?

    What would u but out of these
  2. Mustang
  3. Mustang, probably the SRT-4 in second.
  4. I agree with this post.
  5. I'd probably go with the EVO. I like the idea of 4WD. The SRT-4 could be an Enzo beater and I still probably wouldn't take it. It will always be a neon to me. Bad rental car experiences die hard. The mustang intrigues me but I have friends who have had suspension trouble with last mustang and the one before that and... The Z car is probably my second choice. RWD, NA power and awesome looks. The ride is supposed to be brutal and cramped though. No thanks. I think that they start at 26 though. The golf just doesn't impress me. It seems like a car for someone redone on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The SRT-4 and the Golf are also FWD aren't they? That limits hp.
    Was the STi too expensive for the list?
  6. The R32 has Haldex AWD. It's also more of a small GT car than an outright speed machine. To live with everyday, that's probably what I would pick.

    Point to point and on the track, the Evo VIII wins hands down. Especially if you figure "bang for buck" to include tuneability and the ability to carry 4 adults with luggage all year round.
  7. this is better suited for the car comparo forums since some of the cars in your poll aren't American. But this is what we get for letting noobs make polls &/or threads right away.
  8. The Mitsubishi Evolution RS does 0-60 mph in 4.4, not 5.4

  9. None listed. There's absolutely nothing in the new car realm that's the best bang for your buck.

    And none listed are sports cars. A couple are sedans.

    While you might think I'm being anal, it's kind of like saying "speak english" if you want to be understood. Definitions are definitions, and not just something you change randomly as you feel like it. If I tell you you're an "intelligent" person, you'd probably prefer that I'm using the definition you know, not one I've made up because I feel like it.

    I'm sure you don't look at an F150 and call it a sports car, or look at a Toyota Matrix and call it a pickup, or look at a Diablo and call it a station wagon....

  10. obviously the Mustang then the SRT-4.

    For $24,000 you get a car that hits 60 in 5.1 seconds, is RWD and has a name and fame to go with it.

    For $21,000 you get a car that hits 60 in onlt 5.5 seconds and can be beefed up to over 400BHP while keeping things together. Someone got to over 500BHP but the motor blew over time so thats not recomended.
  11. None of the above. If it were 2002, i'd take a bare minimum Camaro SS for $26,000. 320 hp. 5.0 0-60, 13.3 quarter at 107 mph, and top speed of almost 170. Just because its not being built right now doesn't mean it won't kick the sh!t out of a new mustang.

    Edit: right now*
  12. 2005 GTO. 400hp for $30k. 'Nuff said.
  13. Out of those Mustang or Lancer. I would rather spend the money on a different car though......
  14. why is the price of the 350Z listed about 3,000 higher than the real base MSRP?
  15. Evo, definately the fastest out of the bunch.
  16. mustang. then vw is a fairly distant second
  18. Best - EVO

    To pay for - 'stang
  19. yes
  20. Ford Mustang GT.
  21. Lancer EVO is my favorite on that list
  22. the ford mustang for me
  23. bang for buck for me doesn't mean horsepower, so i'll go with my svt focus/miata.

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