Barnard endurance supercar

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  1. whats wrong with the headlights? I still think its too short, maybe it looks way better in person
  2. It makes it look like a Chinese copy.
  3. I don't think they are the worst headlights I've seen but IMO they would have looked better if they were part of a unit rather than cut into the bodywork. Again, similar to the Bentley Speed 8.

  4. Oh, nevermind then
  5. This.
  6. Wasn't there some other car that looked like a small Bentley Speed 8?
  7. ya the Bentley Speed 1:18
  8. Is that supposed to be road legal?
  9. Loking really2 fast
  13. It does look alot like a LMP prototype Bentley. Hope to see it on the track soon.
  14. LOL $ this coming out befor the Joss
  15. looks like a bat mobile for batman. and hod and wings made it nicer.
  16. looks cool
  18. as opposed to the the batmobile that spiderman has...
  19. i think you mean superman
    some stupid
  20. I checked out their website again, it's been updated with a lot more info, pictures and a video.

  21. bernhard endurance super car
    can someone put these two etc etc
  22. I like the updates.
  23. Look who came crawling back

  24. what do you mean crawling back? I check back in here from time to time.
    Usually around new supercar news.

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