Barret-Jackson Auction Scottsdale

Discussion in 'Events' started by DownwardSpiral, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. Barret-Jackson Auction Jan. 11-28th

    I'm excited! Not. I'm going to the Russo and Steele Auction instead, which will be 2 miles down the road. Barret-Jackson isn't what it used to be anymore.
  2. i used to love watching it now it just gets me pissed off. not only did they ruin the muscle car market for everyone, watching some msutang with rare cupholders or some bullshit sell for half a million dollars gets old after the 50th time.
  3. Remember when classic mustangs and cameros and challengers were like, $1500?

  4. i was read a raod and track magzine from 2001 today. in the back they had the cars for sale and shit. i totally forgot how cheap msucle cars were before the BJ bs.
  5. I laugh if prices dropped big time.
  6. To be fair, Barrett-Jackson is on it's 38th year. They're only part of the overinflated muscle car market.
  7. Just picked up my media credentials for B-J today, but yeah, not very excited for it at all. Their lineup looks weak and it's been getting worse every year, honestly. That's cool that you're going to hit up Russo and Steele instead. I know the owner of RS pretty well and he's a cool guy. I'm most likely going to be shooting the auction for them (just have to work out the final details).

    I'm also very excited about RM and Gooding & Co. Particularly the latter. Their lineup this year is just ridiculous.
  8. lol yeah it's so lame when they're having to explain why this whatever it is is so rare. omg it has cloth seats, an arm rest AND a radio??

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