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  1. Is a better workout then going to the gym
  2. I heard Crew (rowing) is awesome for the upper body workout.
  3. i find basketball pretty boring to do.
  4. Cuz you suck. go walk on a treadmill
  5. Treadmills really are more exciting
  6. If you know what you're doing and are playing with people who know what they're doing, it's a lot of fun. Of course, that's the case with everything.

    I got a lot of basketball action in over the last week as my family was in town. GOOOOD stuff.
  7. It's more total body, since leg movements make up a considerable part of the stroke.
  8. no i don't suck. i'm actually pretty good at it(at least i was in high school), but i prefer indoor soccer to basketball when it comes to indoor sports.

    edit: seriously, kick the ball so hard that you break the keepers hands and you get away with it. awesome.
  9. I played ball for the first time in a couple of years on Sunday. It was fantastic, although I'm horrible. I think we're gonna try to play every day now.^_^
  10. Basketball is more of a total body workout. Pretty good cardio, good for your back shoulders and legs. And your coordination
  11. I play basketball outdoors ~99% of the time.

    EDIT: And I'd school you in bball.
  12. you propably would, because i never play it yes.
  13. full court fast breaks are the most fun ive had in any sport
  14. Nah, I think canning a three in the face of a guy 5" taller than you is more fun. Of course, pretty much everybody is 5" taller than me, so I guess this comes around a lot for me.
  15. yet b-ballers have to train in the gym to get better..
  16. Offense: Blowing by someone with a good moving and making an acrobatic and one finish (preferably on someone taller than you).

    Defense: A quality block (preferably on someone taller than you).

    EDIT: Now I really want to go play. Though, I was planning on it tonight already.
  17. I've been playing basketball every week for months now, and have definitly been getting more fit.
  18. I would think fixing the VL/working on the VL would be a good work out.
  19. ya I've been playing all week.

    It's easily the best/funnest sport to play.
  20. is for ni@@ers ok astronawt lady wait iron chefs
  21. An indoor sport that works your cardio way harder than bball or soccer is squash. Your heartrate goes up way higher and you're constantly moving with much more force and agility than either of those two. Also it really works your arse, lower back, and shoulder muscles.

    Most fun would be indoor soccer though.
  22. Yeah, basketball is only fun when you're playing with pros basically. Having fun depends only on how good you are at a sport.
  23. Offense: I've never done that because I'm horribly one-handed and can only go one direction, making me painfully predictable.

    Defense: I'm white, and therefore cannot jump.

    BRING IT I SKOOL JOO<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A><A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  24. See, football is like rock n' roll.

    Basketball's alot like jazz
  25. Playing sports + machines gives you a more thorough workout than you can get with machines alone, but there's also a lot of wear and tear and increased chance of injury.

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