Batman vs Superman

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  1. She seems to have a pretty heavy accent. Wonder how that'd work in her own movie.
  2. One thing that stood out: Jeremy Irons was so #$%#ing dull and uninteresting.
  3. if being dull and uninteresting makes you stand out, then the rest of the film must be dire.
  4. Um I'm pretty sure jews own hollywood lol
  5. Jews, yes. Israelis, not so much. Even less so when it comes to acting.
  6. This movie was pretty bad. It had enjoyable moments, but it was bad. It just didn't seem like the screenwriters put any thought of motive and just bludgeoned the plot into place.

    Spoiler ahead***

    Oh and batman and superman bonding over having a mom with the same name? Really? THATS what stops batman's completely looney crusade against superman?

  7. same shit different bucket
  8. Same shit less money.

    Anyway, I wouldn't bother going to the movies for this one. I'll probably wait until it bumps into me on TV or something.
  9. Sad Affleck is Sad
  10. Do you take pride in the accomplishments of American artists because they're christian?
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    I wonder how many people actually tried to book a ticket.

  12. Saw it. Was not impressed.
  13. Those commercials were good. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  14. Saw it 6/10. Meh, worth renting on BlueRay or streaming off some site, but not worth theater money. Eisenburg sucked. WonderWoman would get it.
    It's like they would build up to something good, only to shit itself.

    **** Spoilers *******
    Seriously? #$%#ing Doomsday looking like a ninja turtle, and wtf was with the haji self-sploding shit? Doomsday was all about pound and ground game, but they went the lazy way and just made a bunch of power blasts emit from him. And, wtf, every time Wonder Woman did a pose, it was some sort of attack. This isn't #$%#ing Final Fantasy. Then all that bad ass BvS fighting, and then Superman says a name and Batman was like, oh you know someone with that name? We're cool now bro. Even before he knew Superman's mom was hostage. And, those 'special appearances' by Flash, etc were a joke.

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