Beard trimmer

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  1. Need one.

    Which ond?
  2. Whichever one looks good and trims hair. I just use regular hair clippers.
  3. Husqvarna YT42DXLS
  4. Oh and any BaByliss products, I got my trimmer for 9 years now, never done anything wrong to me
  5. I've had a $15 remington or something for 5-6 years.
  6. laser skin hair removal... never have to deal with it again
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  8. I've had some Wahl trimmer for probably 15 years and it still works fine. I never oil it or anything.
  9. I have some Philips trimmer
  10. Any professional wahl trimmer. Not walmart Wahl trimmers. Spend a 150$ for a pro trimmer and you'll never spend another dime.
    The best ones don't have clip on length guards. The ones you want the whole blade assembly clicks on and off. You buy the actual blades at different lengths. Cost a little more up front but you will get way less tugging and less ripping of the hair. Clean cuts in one pass
  11. i shave with what i think is a beard trimmer
    so i start my mornings with a 50clock shadow. usually shave every other day

    not an ideal system, and I think I look a lot more put together on days i shave

    i just bought amazons most popular, it was like 20$ and its fine
  12. CB are you dyslexic?
  13. I use barber's scissors, I cut my pubes with a beard trimmer that came with my hair clippers.
  14. hwy
  15. hes just run of the mill autistic
  16. i dont really shave, i know...but when you are depressed with the bell and the gaming and cheeto dust everywhere, pissing your pants because gamer seat with shit recepticle is overflowing with murky poop water
  17. just a walking stereotype
    you monster
  18. Because you type like one.

    No offense, just curious.
  19. no
    and im not offended

    im guessing you dont mean my spelling, which is impeccable
    but my sentence structure, or overall structure of my posts.
    thats the result of putting no forethought into my writings
  20. On topic. Another excellent brand is Oster. Their professional line is even better than wahl
  21. phillips is the best I have come across

    , gone through a few in the past , usually battery goes however the philips one I have now rocks, has lasted me a few years.

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