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  1. This thing is insane. Wonder how much they cost...
  2. I guess the 1000 horsepower mark was just the beginning for a whole new generation of super-supercars im not sure what this world is coming too, but so far i like it!
  3. look at the shape, it's just a viper with a shelby daytona coupe rear. fast as hell look at the drag co. .2+ somthing, the need to go for the top speed, and take off the ele. limiter
  4. Explain to me how it produces like 130 nm more torque that the Bugatti Veyron. How come it does not accelerate faster than a Veyron? It is light and produces about 12 bhp more.
  5. simple, because it can't get the power to the ground. . .

    they Veyron has wider tires, 4 wheel drive, and is mid-engined (better weight balance for acceleration)
  6. The figures are estimates, so shut up then wait and see.
  7. This thing is so powerful.
  8. It doesnt accelerate as fast as the veyron beacuse it doesnt have 4 wheel drive.
    The veyron has only about 250 horsepower per drive wheel,this has over 500 per drive wheel,which creates a tonne of wheelspin when you let it all loose at once.
    Hence the slower 0-60 time.
    It'll kill the veyron in a straight line if you de-restrict it and get tyres that'll hold up(which is the reason its limited to 225,similar to the veyron really,which just has sturdier tyres again limiting its top speed)
  9. Hey, don't put this thing out to pasture just yet, once there is true performance figures I'm sure will be seriously impressive, given the horsepower and torque figures of this beast!

    Hell I'm even wondering what its capable of on Nurburgring's Nordschliefe, who's with me???

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