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  1. I love the Z types. My favorite japanese cars. They do nothnig better than raw power in a lil car. Live on Z-types!!!!<!-- Signature -->

    There was just one problem with this one, that they were big on pollution, and i mean big on pollution, that's why the 260Z has less power, because it has all that pollution control on it
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    Sorry to harp on you, but...

    Do you have any idea what the **** you are talking about?

    Look at any car that came out in late 60's or early 70's then look at the version that came out in mid 70s. EVERY SINGLE ONE WILL BE SLOWER. Everything from Mustang to Camaro to Corvette to Z. The gov't mandated a lot of pollution control so the cars became much slower at first. It also had to do with the oil crisis. They got over it eventually, but just look at hp ratings.

    68 Camaro 350hp
    82 Camaro 145hp

    69 Corvette 435hp
    73 Corvette 250hp
    77 " 210hp
    82 " 200hp

    (All hp figures from

    I think you'll agree that the Z is a little less extreme difference than these two. The 240z has 151hp the 260 has 139hp. Twelve hp loss as opposed to 185. The 240 obviously could not have been THAT bad. Anyway, you should stop defacing the name of the one true Z.

  5. Great car.

    Have you seen the pictures of cars in the same performance and price bracket as the 240Z when it came out?
    Cars like the Mazda RX series, Toyota Celica and Nissan Skyline, they all looked very simalar, and practially like every other car on the road. Then there was the 240Z which looked like it went.

    I saw one in the flesh on the motor way once as it went past me and I fell in love with it, and I had to catch up with it to get a better look. Wasnt hard cos I was in my 300ZX at the time. :D

    Beautiful car and a classic.

    I completely agree. A classic.

    This is an awesome car everyone agrees but by todays standards its still slow as shit my answer super charged 350 smallblock its like a match made in heaven a light jap car powered by american muscle now theres a monster. Call it treason if you will but i go with what works.

    Get your facts right, the camaro's are definately not affected, unless i am very much mistaken (Murray Walker), the 68 Camaro had a 289ci engine to conform to TransAm rules. Later came the 350ci, after the oil crisis. I'm not sure that you know what YOU are talking about, considering that this site doesent have entries for your cars, and nobody has actually dnyo tested them. There are many different types of Chevvy's around, when comparing cars try to be more specific. You also forgot to take into account that many cars where in fact muscle cars. You neglected that even though horsepower changes, the consumption doesent.

    The reason the 260 and 280 don't perform better than the 240, is solely down to RPM.

    Sorry to Harp on you, but you don't know what you're talking about.

    it looks pretty good and its performance numbers arent bad at all

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