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  1. looks very good i think
    chevy should produce this car
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    they never will. there is no market for it.
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    all of chev's family cars are .........well family cars .
    i'm not going to go out and buy an impala but well f the impala ss comes back i just might.
    bob lutz is back remember so i think thing are gonna get a little more faster around the gm office (voice over) and all of itz divisions
    (hmmm what would the guy who made the viper do to a saab?<!-- Signature -->
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    I like it too. It shows what can be done to make a family car actually fun. I owned the Malibu's predecessor, the underappreciated Corisca 3.1. That car definately had some get up and go one I made a few mods. Now if they just come up with something for my 97 Buick Century. I look everywhere for ways to upgrade it, but even K&N doesn't make a filter for it, which they did with my Corsica. Anyone out there who know where to find sporty upgrades for the Century, let me know.
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    Buick? What the #$%# are you doing driving a Buick? Are you an old fart?<!-- Signature -->
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    got rice?
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    The reason I don't like most imports is because they are environmental freindly, commuter cars turned wanna be speed demons. This appears to be no exception, don't do it chevy!<!-- Signature -->
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    now dats wat u call a car!<!-- Signature -->
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    Beutiful?, i think it's trying to appeal to young people, possilby new parents, who dont want to roam far from their rice burning childhood. The piss yellow and lowered suspension just screams honda civic and seventeen years old.<!-- Signature -->
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    I also think this is a great car. This coming from a GM employee, I would love to see this hot rod in the showroom. I would buy one right away. GM needs to actually produce some of their ideas and not just use them for show purposes only. This is the perfect car to stop the young street racers and tuners from buying those wacky imports. If for some reason this is sold, I would want to be able to buy one with a Manual transmission, it's no fun racing with an auto.<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from mich</i>
    <b>looks very good i think
    chevy should produce this car</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->yes it is, but it doesnt have manuel transmission. thats a *****.<!-- Signature -->
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    REal nice .. I always knew one of this babies would look sweet done up...although they shoulda changed the tranny to standard
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    nice...could use a manual though and a new paint job, but nice nonetheless......
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    This car sucks they took an american car and made it japanese and it still sucks 4 speed auto whats up with that and its too low to ever race its a honda accord could beat it even though hondas suck too
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    This car is a joke. Copying Japan to suit the new trend,ugly take off, bad body kit. Which will be swallowed by the import scene, and an auto transmission it must be American.
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    You have got to be kidding...
    This car is bloody stupid! Only a pathetic American would think up a bloody stipid car like this! This car has no originality and only copies from other Japanese car makers. Only an American car would look this truley disgusting. It just goes to show how unoriginal Chevrolet is. I think that anyone interested in this car should go with a far more superior Japanese product that will bring this car to its knees if produced. Chevrolet should just stick with what they know and produce shoddy, shameful pick-up trucks and insuperior sportscars.
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from porscheguy</i>
    <b>they never will. there is no market for it.</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    uhhm why do you say there's no market for it? this car is obviously targeted to the same people that buy jap rice rockets and maybe even the old Contour SVT...

    This is like the 2nd or 3rd Performance-oriented Malibu concept Chevy has showed since the car's introduction back in 1997, why are they taking so long to put into production?
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    that car is nothing but cheap ripoffs of german and japanese car and it probibly wont be produced. There is no market for it.<!-- Signature -->
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    yet another a feeble attempt to imitate japanese cars by an American company.<!-- Signature -->
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    in my faithful opinion, toilet duck can take a long walk off a short cliff. Chevy will be in control of a number of markets in the next few years, 2003/4 corvette will be state of the art in styling and powertrain. the SS-R coupe/pickup will sell more than can be produced, and those so called shoddy shameful pickups are a feat of WORLD CLASS engineering. lets put them up against any import truck that costs the same and see just how well the competition stacks up.<!-- Signature -->
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    It isn't ALL THAT bad looking, but who are these people trying to kid; it's a MALIBU for Pete's sake. Malibu's suck. Chevrolet's suck. American cars suck.<!-- Signature -->
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    i must agree with the people who think this car is a japanese tuner rip off. it seems like the guys at chevrolet are trying to lose the last of their self-respect by creating this concept. it's pretty much a domesticated rice rocket, minus the advanced engineering. the funniest part about this car isn't the body mods, it's the terrible engine. a 3.5L turbo v6 only making 230bhp? absolutely pathetic. pair this up with the 4 speed auto and you can no nothing but hang your head in shame. the nissan maxima has a 3.0L NATURALLY ASPIRATED v6 pumping out 255bhp. this is the difference between engineering and utter crap.
  24. I think this car has awsome style and beats a civic all the way

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