Discussion in '2004 SSC Aero SC/8T Prototype' started by AZNdude, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Wow,this thing is amazing!!! Jeez 0-60 in 3.11!!! Not too shabby at all.
  2. looks too much like a Diablo.
  3. Im not feelin the front end. At least it was designed to have low drag.
  4. The front look crappy, the drag isn't that great comapred to the koenigsegg (which looks better IMO).
    Also the side is a rip off of the murcielago and the back looks stacks like an ultima gtr.
    Overall I dont think it looks that great at all.
  5. your such an idiot n00b
  6. You dumbass. Exactly how are you going to try to insult someone because of his personal opinion?
  7. Ahh finally a man with sense. Everybody on these boatds fights over their opinions not facts. By definitions you can't have an effective argument about opinion.
  8. And yet it happens everyday, all over the globe.
  9. this is a cool car.
  10. I actually saw one of these driving around in my small town in Idaho.

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