Beckham's Superamerica

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by naranhito, Jun 21, 2006.

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  2. Those wheels are pretty sweet. I'm not sure I'd want them on a car, though.
  3. Someone shoot beckham in germany

  4. Thats too David Hasselofish .
  5. Those wheels suck and completely ruin the appearance of the car
  6. Those are #$%#ing aweful.
  9. footballers lack any taste
  10. His wife is hot though
  11. horrible
  12. she lacks taste too.
  13. Saw a 575 Superamerica a week ago or so. Much much better than this one.
  14. footballers lack alot of things
  16. How do you know it's Beckham's?
  17. that's what the original thread in another forum said.
  18. Ugly and they make me remember what he did to his Gallardo's wheels
  19. There is also the Beckham logo on the center of the wheel.
  20. Nice car. Ugly, tasteless drug dealer wheels
  21. if you like tree tigs.....
    #$%# her n ur just as likely to break her pelvis.

    She isn't much anymore.
  22. truthness

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