beef vs ham

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by srsocx, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Men's 100m final

    Who do you think will take it? Other predictions?
  2. Men's 100m final

    Winner? Predictions?
  3. which is tastier

  4. entertaining v3 indeed
  5. Ham will win.
    Tyson Gay tastes better.
  7. What the #$%#? Tyson Gay, Walter Dix?
  8. I prefer pork, even though I'm Muslim.
  9. too bad Gregory Feltch missed qualification.
  10. also, im watching this aussie #%!@ get pwned by korea in womens wrestling.
  11. The black one.
  12. I thought this was about delicious meat. Now I'm pissed off.
  13. JJR and BR loves pork.
  14. I don't like most pork products. I do love bacon though.
  15. BTW can anyone explain why sprinters always have big muscular upper bodies? I'd figure it'd just weigh you down.
  16. Because they get a lot of their speed from the articulation of the muscles in their torso and arms.
  17. because leg muscles are the only pnes used in sprinting
  18. Nobody is going to be able to stop Usain Bolt.
  19. Bolt for sure
  20. I voted for GAY, but it'll probably be Bolt.
  21. ewww ham? As in like that processed deli meat shit?
  22. Beef, preferably a medium rare steak

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