Been done before: GT3 or R8

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Professor, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. I know its been done before, but I just can't seem to gather why people are so dementedly loony over the R8, the GT3 is just so fantastic. Apart from its capability, just look it!

    The r8, its like a 350z and TT smashed into one, and is so... meh

  2. Looks: R8
    Daily Driver-ability: R8
    Track: dunno, 911 I guess?

    R8 for me.
  3. not really comparable, the 911 Carrera 4 would be a better comparo
  4. R8 over any Porsche, even though the GT3 is my favourite of the Porsches (CGT not included)
  5. R8 would be the better daily driver. That's it.
  6. this is exactly what I'm talking about! I realize people are entitle to their opinions, but one of this insanity cannot be ignored. The r8 is just a new car, like every other at one point, it get everyone overly excited. It looks like two incompatible autos smashed together because they just could not make up their minds. Its hideous.

  7. thats exactly it. Only reason I would take an r8 is if I absolutely had no other vehicle at my disposal, and if it snowed 8 out of 12 months, and I were a mental patient.

  8. you obviously have some sort of vendetta against the R8.

    R8 for me.
  9. The GT3 by an absolute landslide. And I'd drive it everywhere.
  10. the r8, it has the whole "supercar" feel that i dont get from 911 based porsches
  12. R8 for sure
  13. I agre. I saw one irl, and it's not a good looking car. The new TT is downright ugly. The CLS 55 AMG standing here before my window is a tad better looking.
  14. GT3, I dont like the way the R8 looks
  15. well I saw exactly the same white GT3 on the Zandvoort circuit racing. It was awesome
  16. lulz, i would take a cayman over an r8
  17. i love both equally. can't choose.
  18. i don't like the porsche, audi 4 me
  19. R8 by far

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