Beer snobs, help please.

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  1. I'm looking for some suggestions. Not for me, but for my brother. He likes beer. A lot. So for his birthday I was going to go pick up a six pack of assorted stuff for him to try. It won't be his main gift or anything, just a sort of bonus. Anyway, I don't know what to get him.

    Some stuff I know he likes:
    Alaskan Amber
    Full Sail Amber
    Dead Guy
    Dos Equis
    Newcastle Brown Ale
    Basically darker stuff.

    He hates:
    Anything real hoppy.
    Basically lighter stuff.

    I don't drink and thus don't know shit about beers, so some of this might be off. I know he's tried a ton of shit and I think I'd recognize most of the names or bottles, so a lot of suggestions would be nice. Price isn't important as, like I said, it'll just be a mixed six pack. So, any suggestions?

    Do you think he'd like the various Chimays (and if so, which ones) and Duvel? How about La Fin Du Monde?

    Also, and he's not THAT much of a beer snob. He doesn't describe the lacing and shit. I'd like to pick up a few beers for him later today, so any quick help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Gee, thanks.
  3. i wasn't serious but the fact it's a very populair beer over the world surprises me. I mean beer from a small country like the US it's also quite popular and stuff and I think it's the best beer around here
  4. I know you weren't, hence the "gee". I don't drink and I know it's pretty terrible (I have had it before).
  5. ok ok. Ehm..I also think you're more looking for special kinds off beer.. I know Duvel and that sort of heavy beers. Don't know if they have that over there
  6. I can get pretty much anything, so any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. Not that I'm a beer snob. But Duvel, Warsteiner, Palm and Grolsch are quite good beers from this area
  8. Buy the whole Chimay range with some nice cheese.
  9. why don't you drink? I hope you're not the type of guy who thinks girls dig that
  10. No, I just don't. No real reason that I can think of or anything.
  11. It tastes good

    Its enough for me
  12. also not for health stuff?
  13. Not really, but it doesn't hurt. I'm trying to eat healthier as I've been going to the gym very regularly as of late. I stopped drinking soda like two years ago for that reason.
  14. Cut Dos Equis from the list, it's just another Corona.
  15. Sierra Nevada
  16. I don't know, I've obviously never had it, but he seems to think it's alright. It's sort of his backup beer if there's nothing else better on the menu at restaurants. Though, he has bought it in bottles before.

    But that doesn't matter. "Cutting it from the list" makes no sense. That's stuff he likes, not stuff I'm going to buy him.
  17. I got my friend a 0,75L (clay) bottle of La Trappe Quadrupel. Damn that's strong beer <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> nice present to IMO.
  18. palm, westmalle, brugge tripel, duvel. those are my favourites.
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    Seeing as he likes heavy, daker beers and Rogue's dead guy, I'm going to reccomend you buy him a bottle or Rogue's Imperial Stout. It's FANTASTIC. The presentation is excellent as well, with the beer being in a ceramic bottle with a leverage-driven ceramic stopper to reseal it, thus making it excellent as a gift.

    The bottle: (old bottle pictured)
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    Thanks for the suggestion. However, at Ratebeer a bunch of the reviews say it's really hoppy, which again, he hates. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    EDIT: Also, I'm not sure if he REALLY likes Dead Guy. I just know he got it when we went out to a restaurant and said it was good.
  21. I thought this might come up. I read your post and am aware of what he likes/dislikes according to it.

    ALL stouts are hoppy. The bitterness is balanced by the intensity of the other flavors. It has a fair bit of hop character, but it's actually fairly sweet.

    With the exception of sweet and oatmeal stouts, All stouts, Guiness included (~40 IBUs) are in the same range as IPAs, but as your friend can attest, they're not the same in taste. Put a billion IBUs into a light beer and it'll be bitter as shit. Put the same into a very thick, heavy beer and you may not even be able to taste it.
  22. Okay, cool, thanks. Like I said, I know precisely dick about beer.
  23. No worries. Do you drink at all? If so, I'd reccomend picking up a bottle for yourself. It's REALLY #$%#ing good, and you can compare it to Guinness and develop your own opinion about if it'd be appropriate for your friend.
  24. Nope, not at all. And I'm sure he'll drink it either way. I know he likes stouts in general, so it should be kosher. And that bottle does look pretty #%[email protected]'. Also, it's a lot cheaper than what I was planning (which is good, because this is only a small part of the gift). And he's not just a friend, he's my brother... hence me getting him a few different things.

    Thanks again.

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