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  1. On the topic of sours, in response to NB.
    Temptation got me started on sours in general. Couldn't find supplication in CO but managed to find one, one solitary bottle of temptation in all the liquor stores I called and visited.
    After that had some Rodenbach Grand Cru on draft at a pub near my house.
  2. Sublimely Self-Righteous
  3. I'd definitely work my way up to the Beat if I were you. Drink some Rodenbach, Petrus, La Folie, etc... Basically other, generally less sour stuff that's easier to get. Just think you might appreciate it more that way and it's not like it's going bad sitting in your fridge.
  4. Also, I really wouldn't bother much with chasing "whales". If there are particular beers you're after, "personal whales", by all means, do it. But if you're just chasing whatever is most desired by everyone else, I'd just save the time, effort and money and drink a lot of great shelf beer. With so many new breweries and new releases constantly there's more than enough to keep you busy, I'd think.

    Also, to clarify something in the last thread, I meant you're going to get laughed at if you ask for Hunahpu in a store. That's cool that you might be able to trade for it.

    I might go to DL Day for the experience, bottle sharing and opportunity at some FFF BA beers, but from everyone I've talked to, Dark Lord has gotten pretty bad, considering the price/hype. New label is kinda cool, though.
  5. Ive heard the same about the beer. I don't even like beers that are very sweet. The whole RIS style is actually tough on me. I liked Ten Fiddy, hated old rasputin and Brooklyn Black Chocolate. If I do manage to get some DL, might be just to trade.

    Thanks for the sour advice btw. Ill be splitting the supplication with a friend first, might sit on beatification for a while after.
  6. hate sweet beers , like I hate sweet wines and port ...

    give me bitter and hoppy
  7. Supplication is actually fairly well balanced and easy drinking, IMO. Super delicious. Did you ever get any NG Enigma? Taking price into account, it's very possibly my favorite sour (haven't had a ton). Well balanced, still sour but so damn good. Hoping I can still find some when I visit WI in May.

    While I haven't had a ton of sours (not like IPAs or stouts, anyway), I have quite a few bottles of them (including some pretty special ones) at the moment. Just always want to share them and only a couple of my drinking buddies like sours.
  8. Drinking some gouden carolus right now while watching manchester - madrid with my bro. Love that beer. Easily in my top 10
  9. Which Gouden Carolus? The Classic? I've only had the Van De Keizer Blauw and Easter Ale, both with 2+ years on them but they were good.

    Turns out the growler of Four Peaks Ryewine I got was the barrel aged version, which is pretty crazy, considering it was $4 for 32oz. A 10oz pour of it at the brewery is like $6.50 (IIRC) and I'm sure it will only be released just this once. Pretty tasty.
  10. Just had a Peroni. Love this beer, easily in my top 10.
  11. Feels like mockery, Wheelman, but I've never really thought about a top 10. I know some beers that would be in it, I guess, but don't know about 10. Have about 100 I really, really like.
  12. If we're going top 10 cheap, shitty, totally refreshing beers, I'm adding Negra Modelo. I #$%#ing love Negra Modelo.
  13. Carlsberg Hof (4,2 percent), the milder version of Carlsberg Export (5 percent), is good. It tastes better and comes in plastic bottles. (Yeah, screw you w00t, daily driver beer doesn't have to come out of a glass bottle.

    And also: Carlsberg: By appointment to the Royal Danish Court.

    If it's good enough for queen Margrethe II (who speaks Swedish) it's good enough for me.
  14. Re: wale status of Beatification

    Anything prior to batch 5 is generally a wale at this point. Batch 4 is probably technically the hardest to get, but since it's basically the same as b5 (I actually think 5 is superior) no one bothers trying to trade for it. Supposedly there will be another release this year, and at least one next year. They'll likely still be brewery-only, but at this point I don't think b5 or newer are really considered wales. That said, you can still get some cool stuff in exchange for b5.

    All that said, it's such a delicious beer that someone would have to make me a pretty crazy offer to pry any of my remaining bottles out of my clutches. I'll gladly share a bottle if any of y'all find yourselves in SF, though.
  15. Back in the day you only talked about Jupiler and Duvel.
  16. Was surprised by how well these held up. Kind of wished that I had traded for the 05 and 03 (both would've been pretty easy to get for me). Highlights for most were 07 and 09, but I also really liked 10.

    Still have 07x2, 08x1, 09x1, 10x2 and 11x1 (IIRC). A new drinking buddy of mine missed out on this, so I'm hoping to do it again with him, sans the 06, obviously.
  17. Had these sons of #%[email protected] the same day, too... Basically drank about an ounce of each of them... maybe less of the 200. The 200 is by FAR the sweetest beer I've ever had. It was just awful. Turns my stomach to think about it.

    Unrelated: Rate Beer Free Beer Week is in full effect and it's incredible. Already won two contests (pretty excited about that) and plan on running at least one myself. Kick ass.
  18. Well the way I look at it, I've already spent a few years exploring myriad craft-brewed beers from North America and Europe. There's very few I didn't like. But they are a lonesome hobby. They're something you drink alone. Except for other beer nerds, nobody wants to drink a trappist ale, or an oatmeal stout, or an eisbock. And when someone comes over and is offered a beer, I feel like a complete douche drinking some seasonal witbier while they choose a Labatt Blue. Beers like Heineken, Steamwhistle, and Peroni are tasty enough to enjoy drinking, and lack the douchebag obscura of the "microbrew" nonsense. People who come over will be happy to have one with me, and I don't need to give them an anthropology lesson on the what/where/how like you do with a craft beer. Plus all the big flavourful beers are too filling anyway, so can only ever drink one. And I like to drink more than one. I don't really drink beer alone, I like to share it with friends. Beer is no good to me if it can't be shared with friends.
  19. Maybe the culture is different where you are, but if I meet someone for dinner/drinks, they always have at least something good. If I meet up with friends, any of them, there's going to be craft/local beer there. That's just the way it is here, now.
  20. Nah, my friends and I drink more wine and spirits than beer.

    Even the one "beer nerd" friend I do have almost exclusively drinks Steamwhistle now.
  21. Like I said, maybe the culture is different in the more populated areas of the US. I don't remember the last time I even went to a house party or something where most people weren't drinking something that was at least decent. The price difference is so marginal that why wouldn't you? If I meet friends, it's usually at a brewery/brewpub/beer bar. There's usually mixed drinks, wine, sangria... that kind of shit, too.
  22. This is the 2011 Barrel Aged Ryewine I'm drinking, which is from one of the local breweries/brewpubs I tend to meet up with people at quite a bit, Four Peaks. Definitely one of the best and most prolific Arizona breweries.
  23. I really do need to try Beat. I'm sure I have plenty that could land me a bottle, but nothing I want to give up. I also have the van diagram issue where some of my more special/rare stuff comes from California. But I would think that Armand & Tommy, for example, could pull one, right?
  24. I traded an 03 $4$ a few months ago when it was on sale at Bottleworks. They may even still have a bottle or two of the 03.

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