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  1. Stille Nacht
  2. Haha. Damn Dutch auto correct on my phone.
  3. Just went down the supermarket to grab a couple of cheap pilsner pints and saw Mike's now has a Strawberry Sour. Will have to buy it next time I'm down there.
  4. I almost passed on it, but my bottle guy all but insisted I buy one.
  5. Dunno I'm still waiting for mine in the mail.
  6. Drink more Allagash White.
  7. Yeah, that'd probably do it. A bunch of people managed to acquire multiple cases of beat, so a anything in the same ballpark rarity-wise should be enough.
  8. Incidentally, all those same people managed to acquire my hatred.
  9. I got a case and a half, and as I recall you were the beneficiary of my hoarding on two occasions!
  10. 312 is about $12 a 12pk. Allagash White is what, $10 a 4pk?
  11. Indeed I have been. Well, everyone else, then. Those mother#$%#ers.
  12. Local pub just started carrying blanche de chambly on tap. Stoked since pints are $3 during happy hour and on Thursdays happy hour is all day.
  13. Thats a great deal. Its typically $9-$10 for a 4pk of 12oz bottles. $3 for a pint is cheaper than cost!
  14. Just had my first ever Heady Topper.

    Gotta say, I expected a lot more. Especially after avid fans would say things like
    "Pouring a Heady into a tall glass, sticking your head in and inhaling deeply is a surreal experience."
    I guess I bought all the hype surrounding it, but when a beer is rated number 1, you take notice. Otherwise I typically don't get caught up on the ratings so much. I've also heard that heady changes from batch to batch, so who knows this might be less to my liking than other batches.

    Who else has had heady?

    edit: its becoming very hard to finish as it nears the bottom of my glass.
  15. I've had a couple cans and thought they were amazing. Only hoppy beer I've liked nearly as much was Ruination 10th (though, Knuckle Sandwich was awesome, too). Though, I haven't had anything from Alpine aside from the Super IPA, which only kinda counts.

    That being said, it's like comparing a 100 to a 99 with a whole field of 95+s beneath them. At that level, you're really splitting hairs.

    EDIT: Your edit is ridiculous, haha. Didn't you say you didn't say hoppy beers aren't your favorite? I could chug that stuff and multiple cans in a row. And you're supposed to be drinking it from the can :p (though, I only did that for like half of it).

    And I know I'm not the only one here who's had it.
  16. I tried it from the can and really wasn't feeling it, I liked it so much more from a tulip.

    Honestly I probably did this beer an injustice. I had quite a bit to drink before popping this one open. Avery Dungada, Desuchetes Mirror Pond, Left Hand Milk Stout and some other IPA called Henry Weinhard's that a friend brought over. I have 3 cans of this left, but I want to give at least one to a buddy in exchange for another BCBS CR to take to miami for trading.
  17. had a buttload of that monday!
    liked it a lot
  18. good to hear its enjoyable in enema form
  19. Heady is like the Pliny of the East coast - it's delicious, but gets more hype than it probably should. It's still really, really good though.

    Going up to Napa/Sonoma to do some wine tasting today. Fancy drunk, here I come.
  20. Had my first pliny two weeks ago, definitely think pliny wins in my eyes.

    Also in the box from yesterday was Nugget Nectar and Hoponius Union. Excited to try them soon.
  21. Definitely disagree there. Both are very hyped, but I like Heady quite a lot more than Pliny. There's probably six IPAs/IIPAs I'd place over Pliny. Need to have more of it, though.
  22. the canny man is excellent
  23. That is some SERIOUS overkill with that packaging, haha.
  24. You christof, if you've had it, how's the 8 Wired iStout? Kinda pricy here, but seems like a good one and I wouldn't have to worry about freshness.

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