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  1. Sweet , I'd never seen it , when did you have it ?

    You must have a good selection in Niagra ,

    Didn't you say you were diabetic ? That's got to be prohibitive in trying a lot of these beers ?
  2. Must be contributing to the 10$ cost , better be damn good
  3. $10 for a 750ml of 9.1% ABV BA beer really isn't bad, IMO.
  4. Ya , to tell you the truth I never really think about price / alcoholic content and usually don't mind spending a bit extra for something I have never had and probably won't by on the regular

    Looking at my go to twice as mad Tom double ipa is 12$ for 1.3L it's not that great a vale but that's more of an apple to oranges compare
  5. I just had a Peroni.

  6. I think he just means that high-alcohol beers require a lot of fermentable sugar in the wort and a longer time to ferment, meaning greater costs to the brewery. Barrel-aging just adds to that, so those beers tend to be pretty expensive per ounce, before profits/packaging/HYPE TRAIN TICKET prices are factored in.
  7. If you want value, you should buy Boxer Beer or Lucky Lager.
  8. I think it's been fairly well demonstrated that cost of ingredients has little to no bearing on the final retail price of a beer.
  9. You're probably right, but there's gotta be some limit to that. I can't imagine all the grain they need to make BT doesn't have SOME impact on its price.
  10. anyone know the margin of profit on your average bottle of craft beer ?
  11. for the brewer or for the bottle shop. my buddy owns a bottle shop and says they generally mark up 20-25%
  12. I was thinking on the brewing side but I would imagine its pretty similar.

    I still would love to own my own brewery , in Canada micro brew sales were up 45%
  13. Today's haul

    Not pictured is 4pk of breakfast stout.
  14. BT is $30 because it came from a barrel, takes forever to make, and is OMGRARE. Price is determined mainly by opportunity costs, time to market, and demand.
  15. I don't accept a beer costing 30 dollars, I think it's just capitalizing on hype and is a spit in the face of loyal customers. No matter the hype, I've never seen a bourbon county or king Henry go above 20-22 dollars at a reputable bottle shop. Yea some bottle shops end up charging 30+ but its the shop that's profiteering not the brewery.
  16. I had it in febuary when I was in toronto for the auto show. we dont' get many good beers in niagara. I usually just get stuff from toronto when i'm up there for business.

    I am a diabetic and it is not a good thing to be trying alot of different beers which is why I share them with friends of mine. we'll get together about once a week and try a bunch of different stuff and eat some good food.
  17. Black Tuesday, the beer in question, is only sold directly from the brewery via an online sale one day a year. It's $30 a bottle for everyone, not just at one expensive bottle shop. I also happen to think it's entirely worth the price.
  18. I'd still say that $30 is a bit much. Even with barrel aging. Even with the most expensive ingredients, theyre capitalizing on hype.
  19. Sounds like fun , I would have thought Niagra would have had a good selection because the wine industry is so big there , go figure

  20. See my above post about how cost of materials has little-to-nothing to do with the final cost of a beer. They could probably up the price to $50 and still sell out in a matter of hours every year.
  21. Well thats my point exactly. They CAN, doesnt mean they should.
  22. Why not, other than it would price you personally out of the market? I'm certainly not happy about how expensive craft beer is becoming (slash has become), but as long as limited release beers continue to sell out as fast as people can type in their CC info, it certainly seems like the beers are not priced as high as the market will bear.
  23. Because beer isnt about exclusivity based on how much you CAN spend. beer should be available to those who want it, regardless of how much money they can drop. If they keep upping the price, sure it can sell out, but they are alienating a ton of die hard fans who have been there from the get go.
  24. currently [not] enjoying a Vertical Epic 12.12.12
    Should have left this one to age
  25. I don't know that age will do it much good. I don't think it's a bad beer, but it's a beer meant to be drank on December 12th, not March 8th. With those kind of spices, it just seems wrong to drink it any time other than during the holidays.

    Went to a couple bars with my brother tonight and had:

    Firestone Walker Double Jack
    Lost Abbey Deliverance
    Alesmith IPA
    Epic Elder Brett (just a taste)
    Against the Grain Bo and Luke (just a few tastes)

    Had to try the Elder Brett as I have a bottle of Batch 1 and have never head it. Have been waiting for it to get funkier. But Batch 2 is quite a bit different as it's filtered and has some other changes, so I still don't know how it'll be.

    The Bo and Luke was pretty great. It's a collaboration with De Molen and a 14% ABV smoked imperial stout aged in Pappy Van Winkle barrels. You really don't taste any of that ABV without being overly sweet at all, though, which is pretty damn impressive. Would've gotten a glass of it, but was already pretty boozed up and had a long drive ahead of me.

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