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  1. They stopped distribution here in 2009.
  2. Damn, didn't realize that. Same time they pulled out of here. Feel even more lucky to have them, then! Crazy that they get it in places like Wisconsin but not California. They have some decent trade bait, which might help me out in the future.
  3. Honestly, same her which says a lot.
  4. A really good hotness, strangely...
  5. Woah they make it all the way out to you guys?
  6. It's actually not that strange - a lot of brewers don't distribute in CA because we're a much larger market than most anywhere else in the country.
  7. I was thinking that, too. Such a competitive market. Would think they would do alright, though, and there are obviously plenty of CO breweries that distribute to CA.
  8. It's not about competition, it's about whether or not they can produce enough beer to meet demand in a state of 30 million people. A lot of midsize breweries outside of the state end up facing the choice to either expand into CA and risk not being able to keep their beer on the shelves, or expand into a handful of other, smaller states and not have to worry about production.
  9. This is also one of the reasons why far more west coast beers are available on the east coast than vice versa.
  10. intredasting
  11. You're from chicago? As much as I love revolution, Deth's Tar was pretty good, but for the money, down right meh. Go and procure some Backwoods Bastard which is hitting shelves now.
  12. yeah, lived here all my life. a friend gifted the beer to me for fixing their brakes so i dunno how much it was. i don't have the interest or time anymore to keep up with the beer world, but i do like a good beer and i'll pick up something different every time. i'll keep an eye out for that backwoods bastard.
  13. I can tell you the cost if you're interested, and you better act fast on Backwoods Bastard, it sells out fast.

    Have you opened the Revolution yet? If you havent, my advice is to age it a while as its quite hot right now, especially if you're not used to bourbon barrel aged stouts. Its very bourbon forward.
  14. Earlier tonight I cracked a bottle of Port BA Santa's Little Helper. I thought it was okay, then it warmed and I thought it was pretty great, then I poured out the last of the bottle and the most disgusting loogie came out of the bottle and plopped on the top of the beer. Immediately knocked my opinion of the beer down a grade. I took a spoon, scooped it off and finished the beer, but it still grossed me out. How such a large, renowned brewery does things like this and zero carbonation so regularly and still has such a reputation is beyond me. I find most of their stuff overpriced and hit-and-miss to begin with, but this was pretty bad. Not something I'd ever expect to see from a "great" brewery. I took a pic, so I'll post that later.

    On the other hand, I'm drinking a Ballast Point Indra Kunindra and loving it once again. Such a great beer, IMO. Certainly not for everyone, but my tongue (and throat) loves it.
  15. This is that loogie I talked about. I know it's yeast/sediment, but it's gross. I don't mind floaties or a big yeast cake at the bottom of the bottle, but this almost caused me to not finish the beer.
  16. Also, think I kind of have to go to this, even though I've had the beer at the brewery. Only the second time it's been in the country and the first was yesterday.
  17. If a bar around here did that I'd be there in a heartbeat.
  18. I did end up going. It was a total cluster#$%#, really, but the beer was good. I ended up with a nice, free PU mug and shirt, too.
  19. Still sounds awesome. How did it compare to normal PU?
  20. Apparently Avery just reentered NorCal. I'm gonna drink so much Czar and Reverend.
  21. I picked up THREE different Lithuanian beers from the market. Turns out they're all from the same brewery.

    Shall I drink ALL of them tonight?
  22. Yes.
  23. All eastern european beers I've had all tasted about the same. at least all the lagers do.
  24. You mean pale lagers or something?

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