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  1. Thanks. I will look into them for sure
  2. My shit beer of choice is tecate, super cheap and easy drinking during BBQ time.
  3. I go either PBR or Walgreens Big Flats lager ($3.33 for a six pack of cans) if I'm looking for something super cheap. Trader Joe's has some stomachable stuff, too.
  4. i even drink the cheapest beers from a can if i have to.

    makes you piss like an elephant, but hey it's alcohol
  5. Living in Washington, we drink a ton of Oly and Ranier.
  6. ISO
  7. Haha, I'll drop a pair into the next box I send you.
  8. I got some Unibroue 17 again. Not sure its worth the price, but I don't see it often so I decided to cop
  9. I bought one and sat on it until about a month or two ago, and it was really bad, like catastrophically bad. I'm hoping my bottle was just bum because I've never had a Unibroue I didn't like.

    La Terrible is a bit cheaper and its amazing.
  10. Sometimes when I'm at a bar, paying $4 for a 24oz PBR tallboy sounds way better than any craft beer.
  11. I drink steam whistle or Heineken when I want a "cheap" regular kinda beer
  12. I like the 17 more than La Terrible ... both were nice in their own way ...what was so off ?
  13. Tasted like wood. Not in the good way an oak aged beer should taste.
  14. Went to a local brewery's 1st Anniversary celebration the other day and had some good stuff. Such as...

    Milk Chocolate Chili Stout on cask
    Señor Mango (a habanero mango IPA)
    Cedar Pale Ale
    Vanilla Chocolate Smoked Porter (tasted like a very toasted smore)
    Candy Bar Milk Stout (on nitro)

    All but the last were new to me and all were good. My favorites being the stouts, no doubt. Also came home with a nice anniversary glass.
  15. Would like to try the senior mango
  16. I wish the habanero was dialed back a bit, and the mango dialed up a notch. Just thought the spice was a little overwhelming and couldn't detect much more mango than you get out of many non-fruited pales/IPAs.

    In other news, I've recently opened bottles of Black Butte XXIV and XXV (both by myself while editing photos) and I'm starting to think I'm not crazy about the series. In fact, I'm thinking about trying to trade the last two bottles I have (XXIII and XXIV).
  17. I'd trade you for XXII and XXIV

    Also you should try mango magnifico from founders if you like mango/habenero mix with more mango and less habenero. I personally was not a fan but I'm never a fan of anything with Spicy pepper.
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    Well maybe we can put something together. I'm half tempted to drink the XXIII, as that's my favorite of the ones I've had, but I have had it a number of times already.

    I'd heard of Mango Magnifico, but didn't seem all that appealing to me for whatever reason. I had heard the spiciness was pretty subdued, though. It seems like I'm in the minority with the Señor Mango, though. The average rating on Ratebeer is 4.3 ( ). I liked it, it just wasn't my favorite. I haven't found a pepper IPA I've been crazy about, actually. I thought Habanero Sculpin was just Habanero and nothing else. Much preferred it mixed 50/50 with the regular Sculpin.
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    Have you ever had those Hawaiian mango habanero potato chips? Mango Magnifico tastes almost exactly like them.
  20. Thanksgiving ended up being a day of sour and funk. Anchorage Anadromous, 1809 Berliner Weiss and Prairie Merica. Didn't even know the latter two were available in Arizona. All good, but none of them blew me away.
  21. I like Heineken, Stella and Coronna beer, when i feel like drinking like a comman man
  22. How odd. Just looked it up and apparently they have different world leaders/tyrants on their bottles or something...
  23. Didn't make it out to this due to a photo shoot, but I did pick up a four pack. Threw one in the fridge to drink while editing so that I don't completely miss out on the fun/hype.
  24. Havent had any 2013 BCBS yet but did have coffee a couple nights ago and had a barleywine tonight. Both awesome, though the wulver I had last week still stands out as the best BA beer I had in a while. Even better than the Sucaba I had last night.

    Speaking of last night, there was a midnight release of BCBS at this store I frequent, we get there at like 10:30, bitter cold, but hey! bottle share. Cut to 5am this morning, I am hung over like nothing else. Don't even know how I got so drunk in an hour and a half. There were a couple high gravity beers like Stille Nacht and the Sucaba I mentioned earlier, but mostly was drinking homebrew ipas. Suffice it to say, I didnt make it to any insane lines this morning. Still tracked down a bottle of proprietors, backyard rye, and a single of Coffee and BW. Overpayed like woah on the proprietors. Binnys was selling for 20 bucks, this place charged 28.

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