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  1. Finishing off a bottle of 2013 BCBS right now and it's great, but like last time, it doesn't blow me away. Just find it very similar to a lot of big bourbon barrel stouts out there. Still, not disappointed I bought the four pack by any means.

    Started with a Hop Stoopid, then onto this BCBS and thinking next up is a 2011 DFH Olde School, as it's the only other beer I have in the fridge. Just editing one of the many shoots I have to get through by Monday, so why not?
  2. Some of the stuff I've taken home over the past few weeks, not including the stuff I already drank. Wouldn't normally buy the Gillian, especially for the price, but the name has significant meaning to a friend. I am curious to try it, though.

    Enjoying one of the Torpedos in my backyard right now. The weather is so beautiful this time of year.
  3. I bought a gillian recently as well, not because I wanted to, but because some shop owner made my gf buy it to get bourbon county. If I were there I'd have advised her not to. What an asshole.
  4. Wow, that's pretty damn stupid. Have never heard of anyone doing that. Sounds like BCBS was easier to get here than many places. I could've easily bought a case or so of the stuff.
  5. Oh I could buy a case of the regular bcbs probably, but I'd pay way more for it than you probably would. Bought two 4pks of regular I think, more than enough for the test of the year.
    Besides I still have 6 2012 bottles and they're drinking much nicer.
  6. BCBS finally came to Seattle. But I heard there were like ten cases of regular BCBS and like three of all variants. Haven't seen a bottle of any yet.
  7. That sucks. At one of the less busy big stores (where I got my BCBS) there were probably that many cases of it there alone. We definitely got less of the barelywine and I don't know that we got any coffee (and none of the bombers, which I didn't expect any of).
  8. I'm hoping more shows up as time goes on. If not, I'm not terribly worried, though. I had Coffee and Barleywine this summer with Atomic!
  9. Apparently BCBS is back in CA this year as well. I should probably try to get some, but honestly unless I manage to get it in at work I doubt I'll bother.
  10. How much were you charged for each four pack? I ended up paying $23, which isn't awful when priced against similar bombers, as you said.
  11. It's damn good, but I didn't do any crazy searching/overpaying for mine. It's really not priced terribly (after you get over the sticker shock) and having it in 12oz bottles instead of bombers/750s is really nice, IMO. Still haven't tried the barleywine, as I've been trying to keep myself from getting too drunk while editing all these damn photos. Might crack one tonight, though.
  12. If they were selling 4pks, usually 26.99
    Singles as much as $10 each, but usually $7

    Chicago loves its BCBS and demand is crazy, even at these prices they sell out quick.
  13. I went to the alcohol store today to buy some beers since it's been a while

    wtf where did all these beers come from

    got a few that looked good
  14. theres hella now
  15. you were one of the first people who got me into beer, if I recall correctly. F1 at Indianapolis was my first beer.
  16. CR and I used to have weekly beer nights to try new stuff, that was around the time when we went to Indy. I was also sloppy as #$%# back then and went through a handle of liquor in a week.

    Then I just started drinking Sierra Nevada exclusively because it's cheap and I'm lazy. Then I stopped drinking. I didn't even have a beer at our wedding. We got married at a brewery.
  17. Once I get off my carb restrictions I'm drinking all of the #$%#ing beer. I miss it.
  18. you know what. almost 3 weeks without alcohol now.

    i don't even miss it.
  19. I've gone almost 24 hours, myself. About to break that with a beer at LAX and a free G&T on the flight.
  20. Having an early gray and chocolate mill stout right now from goose island
    Very interesting. I love this tea and beer thing.
  21. Just got this years Bourbon County. The Coffee Stout was probably one of the greatest stouts I've ever had. IMO, blows the doors off KBS.

    Side note, I spoke to a Goose Island rep at a beer fest in Long Island and he was saying that they were considering spinning off Bourbon County as a brand to make beer year round. It would be different flavors for different seasons, but the end goal would be continued production of Bourbon County branded products. Apparently it hasn't gotten off the ground yet because of quality concerns.
  22. Most the actually goose island people I spoke to were pretty against that. They said it would cheapen the experience
  23. If the quality was upheld and it wasn't available EVERYWHERE then I think it would help the brand. The key would be the revolving styles. If it was mass produced like Sculpin has been then it can cheapen the brand. Keep production scaled back a bit and still have a high demand and they can have a massive hit.

    (Nothing against Sculpin, still a mighty fine IPA, just not as mystical since you can find in supermarkets now)
  24. bloody cheap lager drinkers

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