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  1. trying kasteelheer today.

    no head. well that's odd.

    tastes good though. it's a blondy.
  2. There are some that I definitely enjoy. Had a taste of Pannepot Reserva on tap the other day, for example, and that was pretty great. Alcohol was very well hidden and it was tasty, but I'd take a FW Parabola, for example, over it in a heartbeat.

    Still very excited to have a bottle of Pannepot 2011, though.
  3. i don't really like dark beers.

    i prefer tripels.
  4. I like beers pretty much across the board in terms of color/weight/etc. I'm just not crazy about yeast-forward beers, most wheat beer and really malt-forward beers (like Scotch ales).
  5. My Rate Beer Free Beer Week haul (two contests). Pretty rad.
  6. I'm usually not huge into scotch ales, but Cigar City Big Sound is SO GODDAMN GOOD.
  7. I've heard good things. I haven't actually had too many Scotch ales... I also get confused between a Scotch ale and a Scottish ale. Having had highly-rated beers of both styles (Old Chub and Robert the Bruce, for example), though, I'm not crazy about either.
  8. I used to only drink Tripels too but since I've tried pretty much all of them available I switched to dark beers and they are more complicated/interesting to me now.
  9. My god, the trading rate for Don Quijote is ludicrous. Someone on RB is offering this 7:1 trade:

    FFF BA Behemoth 2013
    FFF BA Cognac Dark Lord
    FFF BA Vanilla Dark Lord 2012
    FFF Murda'd Out Stout
    Lost Abbey Veritas 007
    Central Waters Fifteen
    Kuhnhenn Blueberry Eisbock

    And, chances are, that probably won't get it done. Makes it even more crazy that that guy I know has two bottles...

    EDIT: Jeez... people are saying that isn't even getting close. Crazy.
  10. I drink dark beers too, but apart from st Bernardus/Westvleteren i havent really rally enjoyed a dark beer. I guess ibhave to get used to them.
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  12. Yeah, Donkey Queef and all that shit up there in the far upper eschelon of RARE BURRRR are very rarely traded, and then usually only 1:1 with other similar upper eschelon stuff. My understanding is that DQ and beers like it are usually more like tickets to the kinds of tastings that beers like DQ are opened at.
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  14. What's up with flying dog? Do they brew their beer over a fire or something? Every beer ive had tastes like smoke or charcoal. Pretty nasty to be honest. I mean, the beer itself is nice, but the smokey aftertaste and smell ruins it.
  15. Well, everyone brews over a fire... But I don't think they're supposed to have what you're perceiving as an ashy/smoky flavor. At least, most all of them aren't. Flying Dog pulled out of Arizona quite a while ago, so I don't remember their beers well, but they're not exactly the pinnacle of American beer or anything. From my memory, Gonzo is pretty great and they have many good beers, but some are duds or, at least, nothing noteworthy.
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  17. I had the gonzo. Thought it was one of the most foul beers i've ever had.
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  19. Maybe they don't travel well. But then, you said you don't really like dark beers and mostly like tripels, right? An imperial porter is pretty much the opposite of both of those things and I'd almost expect a little smoke/ash flavor in an imperial porter. Have you had any big porters/stouts that you've really liked?
  20. I dont think i have had any other porters. We dont get much american beer here.
  21. Well, there's certainly a lot of big porters/stouts in the US, but I'm sure you can get English stuff like Samuel Smith's, can't you? If you can, you should check out their Oatmeal Stout. One of the most approachable, easy-drinking but delicious stouts out there. Pretty cheap, too.
  22. I had a Yestie Boys Rex Attitude last night. Peat-smoked golden ale. Was like drinking from a dirty ash tray.

  23. The thing about smoked beers is that a well made one is very tasty and a poorly made one is #$%#ing disgusting. I don't find them nearly as forgiving as many other styles. Can't speak for that particular one.
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