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  1. just can't take american beers serious
  2. whys that
  3. Chocolate flavour, coffee flavour and all that jazz
  4. Seems my box to him must've been hurried due to a bottle breaking. ;_; Luckily it was only one of the extras (Odell Myrcenary) but I still feel bad. Guess I'm glad his box hasn't gotten to me yet.
  5. That's silly. For as many beers as there are with added ingredients, there's five times as many without. Besides, you can easily get all those flavors with traditional brewing ingredients. Most stouts have coffee and chocolate flavors without actually having either of those things in them.

    There are also plenty of American breweries making traditional, regional styles from around the world and doing a damn good job of it. I'd put the New Glarus Anniversary Strong Ale up against any Dubbel in the world, for example, and it was brewed in southern Wisconsin.

    In terms of quality and variety, it's seriously hard to beat the US at the moment. Great beer comes from all over the world, there's just more of it in the US.
  6. I've had a lot of luck with USPS of all services.
  7. I've had good luck with USPS, too, I just find they're more of a pain in the ass to deal with when shipping. Always seems like there's long lines (especially this time of year) and the post offices near me are out of the way and kind of annoying to get in and out of.
  8. Your location doesnt have a self drop off box? I just put it in the bin and walk out, takes me 2 minutes if I have to buy postage on the computer.
  9. People like something I don't understand!
  10. I'm too lazy to upload the picture from my phone, but I got one 4-pack each of Bourbon County, the barleywine, and coffee. I think I'm going to pass on Backyard Rye, $21 for a bomber is pretty steep.
  11. Had a Two Fingers Dodgy Archer at the pub for lunch. One of my top 5 pale ales now.
    Had a couple of Liberty C!tra Junior's (cant wait for the multi packs) at the pub tonight.
    Bought a Liberty Sauvignon Bomb and Epic Pale Ale on the way home.

    Quality day.
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    Some quality brews there. Would love to try the Grey Monday and Darkness. I have a box landing today, but it's not anything like that. Not a bad one, though.

    I saw Ivan is still on the shelves here, which kind of surprised me, but I stopped myself at one bottle as I've been buying a bunch of stuff for people for Christmas and grabbing stuff for myself along the way.
  14. I have that glass too! They say its best for their BA beers but I still feel snifter is better.
  15. Havent had most of those, only had Mother of All Storms and that one is incredible.
  16. Looks like a cellar photo, but this is actually a haul pic. Stuff from the past couple weeks, including a trade that just came in today (the CCB stuff in the middle and the two 12ozs to the left of them, along with the CCB glass). A big portion of this is bound for two friends as Christmas presents, though.
  17. And with this Orval I'm drinking at the moment, I've ticked 900 unique beers on RateBeer. Think I've actually had Orval before, but didn't tick it. Thought I should grab some before I can't find it anymore, as word on the street is production will be way down.
  18. i like orval
  19. Yeah, it's good. Luckily, even if I can't get Orval in the future I can get plenty of American made Orval clones that are 95% as good and cheaper, too.
  20. cheaper/better, maybe so, but they're not a trapist
  21. Who cares? It's little more than a novelty in the end, really.
  22. Orval is soooooooo good. There's a cheese tasting event at my store tomorrow night, and I paired Orval with one of the cheeses being sampled. Beer and cheese together is pretty much the best thing ever.
  23. Indeed. Part of my gifts with those beers is some cheese that goes well with beer. Some sharp aged cheddar for IPAs, some Gouda for stouts/porters... Including some other food/snacks for the same thing as well.

    That being said, any suggestions?
  24. People keep saying this is so strange, but it doesn't seem that abnormal to me. It's good, though. The other two are headed to my two friends, as I mentioned before. Kinda wish I had another to age, though, as I think it could get interesting.

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