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  1. Abt 12 is in my top 3 beers.
  2. whats your top 3?

    its a great beer, but not in my top 3. its a bit too heavy imo.
  3. Delirium Nocturnum
    Abt 12
    Sierra Nevada Celebration, maybe
  4. yuh
  5. Have you had rochefort 10? IMO it's the best quad.
  6. Gentlemen,

    It seems that some foolish creature has banned me, in pursuit of his own agenda. Perhaps this mod is looking for the commedy that shall surely ensue due to my banning. I must say i shall oblige.

    Make no mistake this banning shall not cause me distress but rather amusement as now i shall once again post with freedom that im entitled to.

    I may have fallen once upon a time but today i see myself rising to untold glory. I have a vision and i shall make sure reality and vision become one.

    I am an ocean and you are not even a drop in it.
  7. agreed 100%
  8. In closing this thread for continuity sake.

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