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  1. For a second I thought the last thumbnail was 6x Duck Duck Gooze, and I nearly shit myself.

    Valley of the Heart's Delight (dumb name aside) and Bourbon Barrel Peche are really good. Sourdough Wild Ale is completely terrible in every way. It tasted like uncooked bread dough.

    Currently drinking my first Deschutes Fresh Squeezed of the year, which now comes in 6-packs! It's hopped with Mosaic and Citra (I think exclusively, but at least mostly), which are two of my absolute favorite hop varietals. Damn it's good.
  2. Haha, 6x DDG would be rad. It also would have been rad if it were a sour from LA, though it's pretty damn good as it is. It probably would have cost a lot more, been a much smaller batch, and had all kinds of nerds going apeshit over it if it were a sour, too. As it were, the limit was 12(!) and it was pretty cheap for a special release being aged in non-bourbon barrels.
  3. Stone tap take over. 40 beers on tap.
    Double Dry Hopped IPA + The Tiger Cub Saison so far.
    Holy shit this Tiger Cub is amazing.
  4. w00lstout.
  5. Man your mind will be absolutely blown by some of the other stuff we have going on. If you're ever in chicago, you need to hit me up.
  6. Bia Saigon.

    Pretty awful haha
  7. I had Almanac's three latest sour wide-releases.

    Sourdough Wild wasn't as offensive as everyone seems to find it, but I didn't find it very interesting, either. I'd have it again, but I wouldn't seek it out. I like the concept, though, and with a little tuning it could be cooler, I think.

    Brandy Barrel Peche had surprisingly little brandy, which was too bad, but the peach really came out as it warmed up. Very good.

    Valley of the Heart's Delight was fantastic. Easily in my top five favorite beers so far in 2014. It was more mild than I expected, and the balance between the sour/sweet and fruit/funk was spot on. Really top notch.
  8. Where should I hunt for these? Ill be in SF in a week and dont wanna miss out on these.

    Teach me oh wise NB.
  9. You're going to be in SF? Hit me up, let's get a beer!

    Those Almanac sours have been gone for a while, but they did just release the second batch of their Dogpatch Sour - a Flanders red aged in red wine barrels with cherries added. If you're into sours it's worth picking up. Also any Russian River sours you can get your hands on.
  10. beer names are far too funny/bad. my god
  11. There's still a few up here, but they're pretty hard to find now, save maybe Sourdough Wild. Tim says they're in short supply down in SF, but Dogpatch is the heat. Definitely recommended.
  12. Do you remember if the first batch of Dogpatch used the sourdough yeast? Batch 2 is partially fermented with it, which makes me nervous.

    Oh, also, Lost Abbey Red Poppy came out last week. I keep meaning to pick one up to find out if it's carbonated or not.
  13. I don't recall if it did or not. Atomic might remember, though.

    I actually love Red Poppy, but I have a hard time justifying the price. Especially with the carbonation issues.
  14. No idea, I don't keep up with Almanac. Good stuff though, I loved their brandy barrel aged pumpkin barleywine.
  15. My girlfriend took a friend if hers to the harpoon brewery yesterday and she got me a growler of a new grapefruit shandy that will be out later this year. Definitely will be good on a hot day
  16. Stopped by Brouwer's yesterday for the Hard Liver barleywine fest. It was pretty dank.
  17. Man BA forums are so uptight
    They've deleted almost all the threads I've started. And these are always quality threads, that are getting tons of comments. Last one they deleted was one that came up when talking to NB, about sharing stories of stupid things we had done when noobs. Within and hour the thread was several pages long and then it was gone.
  18. Shit! I didn't even get to see it! BA is run by a bunch of fun-haters, who basically want 10,000 threads about what your favorite IPA is, so they can attract noobs all day long. And they have this weird "everyone is a troll, and out to #$%# up OUR FORUMS" mentality that's pretty toxic. A lot of the good old members have left/been banned and are now just haunting up RB and TB. I still have my account, because I'm too small beans to give a shit, but I spend 90% of my beer time on TB, where fun is allowed.
  19. One bottle haul today
  20. Whats TB? Tuberculosis?
  21. SO I'm drinking this bad boy, first time its been in Chicago. What a lovely lovely beer.
  22. How hard is bourbon Abominable to get when it comes out?
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    Tuberculosis is the way forward. Lungs are overrated.

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  24. Round Seattle? It's pretty easy. There's not a ton of it, but it's not like you gotta line up for it, and if you know where to look, it sticks around for like a month. It's like how Parabola is round here.

    Also, Mirror Mirror is the jizz.

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