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  2. I like the picture of Carrie Nation on that one beer.
  3. I have that glass. Picked up these today, I'm most interested in the Bourbon County Stout, heard a lot of good things.
  4. Dark lord day is a shitshow, but an awesome shitshow. Total sensory overload.

    shit!!! I just realized the hotel cleaning staff threw away the empty bottle of bourbon county rare I saved from last night.
  5. Tell me more about DLD!
  6. Definitely worth going to, if you ever get the chance. Not too expensive, all things considered. Irada and I got a motel from Friday-Sunday for less than $130, the fest itself is $30 a person. The biggest appeal to the event is the sharing, everyone has whales that are being poured to anyone with a glass. I had db hunahpus twice, several cantillons, Ba sexual chocolate, Ba hifi rye, cbs, fantasia (killed nearly half a bottle of it!), several hill farmsteads, chez monus, fuzzy, pappy eclipse poured from a nebachanzur, almost all the melange series...
    The only two beers I didn't get to try where mocha Wednesday and ironically vanilla dark lord...
    I always heard complaints about how poorly this event was handled and I think they really fixed it up this year. Everything was very well planned out, tons of staff helping herd the crowds to where they needed to go, there were so many people but it never felt chaotic. The line for bottles was less than half the time this year as last year, and he like for entry also seemed to move very quick, though admittedly we cut in when we saw our friends.
    Full disclosure, we bottle shared the night before and woke up extremely hungover, to the point that we almost didn't go to dld at all. Rookie move not drinking any water the night before. I was so sick I literally puked on the way over. We were group A so we were first to get bottles. We got our bottles and left the fest, got some Taco Bell, and then came back and had an amazing time.

    I seriously seriously suggest coming to the next one.
    If my phone lets me, I'm going to attach some pics to this.

    Edit: no dice on pics yet. When we got to the fest, their were empty bottles EVERYWHERE. People were sharing outside since like 5am, and the stuff that was brig shared was unreal, besides don quijote and like vsb, I saw an empty bottle of literally every whale I could imagine, just Lying at the side of the road, to the point that I was not even phased when I saw bcbs vanilla bottles just piled up on top of hunahpu variant and big bad voodoo daddy variants. Definitely going to try and make t to that next year
  7. bought some new stuff today
  8. Is that rodenbach grand cru? I'd drink that over almost any beer.
  9. yes, yes it is.
  10. #$%#ing hell, im drinking the duvel tripel hop right now. im getting tipsy after one beer. this is one strong #$%#er.
  11. A friend just picked up Dogfish Head World Wide Stout for me, I've been wanting to try it for a while now, should be interesting back to back with the Bourbon County Brand Stout.
  12. Very different beers
    I love wws though, it's so roasty
  13. Which is impressive given that it's like 18%. BCBS is like 15% and is a beetus bomb. Not that I'm complaining, though. Such a hadron for BCBS.
  14. Also, a guy down in Texas be like ISO:Seattle shelf burrs, and I was like "aight". This is the shit he sends me in return. I am rekt.
  15. I have a bottle of the freetail Kriek too, got it by accident when I asked for cantillon Kriek and got that... Oh well. The guy I traded with poured me cbs and fantasia last weekend so I won't complain.
  16. Can't believe how #$%#ing cheap beer is here.
  17. That's not an especially cheap IPA, either. Though it is a good one.
  18. Hahaha, not QUITE the same stuff as Cantillon Kriek...
  20. That's cheap? Sculpin is a good beer but in my opinion it is the most over priced single ipa in our market. 6pk is like $14-16 everywhere here except one place that sells it as $12 because the owner loves it so much he sells it at cost supposedly.
    Where are you?
  21. Yeah I've bought at home often. It's about $14-15usd back home.
  22. $15 per 6-pack equates to paying $4.58 for a bomber. How many bombers of Sculpin would you buy if they were $4.58 each? More than 3?

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