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  1. I fUcking love it. Here it's only 4€/bottle which is not bad considering that an average imported lager is 3€...

    Hoe much is in NA?
  2. In a bar or at a store? At a store its about $4-5 a 330ml bottle, but probably double that at the bar.
  3. Apparently shiner has made its way to boston. I'm seeing at ever liquor store I go to now where before it was literally unavailable. Not amazing news though because while shiner is t bad it's not great. Just a good sessionable beer. The real shame is most of their good brews are only available through their "family reunion" packs which feature just one of those with the rest of their standard stuff
  4. Some new bottles I'm selling now:

    Allagash Saison
    Abita Turbodog
    Bell's Kalamazoo Stout

    The saison is nice and I can tolerate half a glass. How people can drink a whole glass of stout or porter is beyond me, but the Turbodog is popular amongst those in the know. While it calls itself a brown ale it seems more like a porter to me. The stout is awesome, I wish I could session something that heavy, tastes like coffee and chocolate and I highly recommend.
  5. I've never had anything from Abita that I'd say is any better than mediocre, Turbodog included. Most of their stuff is closer to bad than good.

    I could easily drink porters/stouts all day and I've had more than a few huge imperial/barrel-aged stouts back-to-back pretty easily. That Bell's brew is solid.
  6. The Turbodog is outselling the other two combined because people seem to recognize it.

    Don't get me wrong I know people can session the heavier stuff I'm just saying I have a tough time doing so.
  7. ...
  8. i don't drink it much anymore but I like a few glugs in a guinness
  9. Any reason all those posts are deleted dahldrin?

    And if you're doing cellar clearing, I'd be happy to set up a trade if you're into it. Chicago just keeps getting more and more awesome beers. It's ipa season now it seems as so many good ones keep coming out.
  10. been drinking a lot of different stuff now that i'm working in a liquor store

    right now i can't get enough of the schlafly's pumpkin ale. comes in strong like an ipa and then finishes like pumpkin pie.

    also have some weyerbacher merry monks in the fridge. very nice example of a tripel

    i agree that abita sucks. when people go for their wheat beers i try to push them into something different
  11. Interview with Dan Carey of New Glarus

    "What are some currently retired beers you’re itching to bring back?

    DC: Usually in the fall, we do voting on our website, and ask people what beers they want to come back. A big one this year was Enigma, so we’ll definitely have to bring that one back at some point"
  12. I've still got some.
  13. Ugh, want this so hard.
  14. We have the Founders' Oatmeal Breakfast Stout on tap right now. This is apparently 100/100 on Beer Advocate. Tell me why they're wrong.

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