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  1. are you gona hit the
    chug bub
    or maybe the mucky duck
  2. Might go to Chug Pub tonight actually, I need to figure out which bars around here are good.
  3. i went to chug bub the morning of outside lands
    no idea if its good
    has a smoking area where you can have a beer htough, if youre into that
  4. Don't care that you can smoke there.

    Do care that it's two blocks away.
  5. i saw some pretty cheap beer specials, some were outside lands weekend only tho
  6. oops i said cheap beer in the beer thread...
  7. home brew lager is good
    home brew ipa got #$%#ed up
    time to party/watch rugby
  8. Yo nerd, is your e-mail the same from back in the day when I bought the painting from yall?
  9. Most of those were some of the most recent beers I had, maam.
  10. Yeah, got your email. Responding now, fella.
  11. My version of Remmy's photo.

    Worth noting for those that care: Most of the Belgians have some age on them. The Chimay Grand Reserve magnum is a 2007 bottle (so very close to peaking), Rouge is around two years, same for the Easter Ale and La Trappe, Gouden Carolus is two years (obviously)... Black Cauldrons are from '09, Speedway Stout has at least a year on it, Dogfather is the Bourbon Barrel variety, Wake Up Dead is probably a year old, etc... And this photo is taken after I just downed an Indica and A Little Sumpin Wild... which pretty much explains the photo, haha.

    EDIT: Just added a Jason Fields & Kevin Sheppard / Troegs / Stone Cherry Chocolate Stout to the mix. Must've just hit the shelves here today. Only picked up one for now since I saw it at Whole Foods and it was $4 a bottle.
  12. drinking narragansett and its pretty good
  13. Heart 'gansett tallboys.
  14. Turns out the liquor store on the corner actually carries a better beer selection than most supermarkets. I've only bought 40s of OE so far, but I saw a bottle of Indica last night, and I figure since dahldrin jerks off to it so much I should probably pick some up and give it a shot.
  15. I only jerk off to it because of its bang-for-buck. But it's solid, yeah. I tend to get hung up on individual beers for a while. It's weird.
  16. drinking Holsten, lol. one of my fave "cheap beers"
  17. Just bought a bottle of Kulbacher Edelhert. do not recommend, though it's not awful. I have Franziskaner in the fridge so all is good. Also, I tried the super cheap russian beer "Zhiguli", seemingly named after the piece of shit car, and it's actually not bad, has a taste that you can actually tell apart from other beers
  18. I used to skeet all over Hales Mongoose IPA for the same reason as Dahldrin, apprently. It's not the best IPA. Hell, it might not even be a great IPA. But it's cheap, easy to get around here, and in a market filled with high-priced IPAs it's a really solid choice. It kind of reminds me of a petit 90 minute. Like 60 minute, but I actually don't see much 60 around here, and Mongoose is cheaper this side of the country.
  19. Screw beer, whisky all the way.
  20. Beer AND whiskey!
  21. Oh, and here's my little Prague/Czech vignette, thing. All the black and white photos are ones I took while there, the coasters are ones I picked up at various bars and all beers I drank while there, almost all of the bottles are beers I brought back with me (grabbed three of them locally), the "CH" thing is a flyer for my sister's favorite bar in Prague (which we had a couple pints at, one of the coasters is from there, too), map is a gift from a friend of mine (of Prague), etc... Only thing that doesn't really fit is the little watercolor of the octopus. Kinda need to replace that, I guess.
  22. i approve of and understand this post
  23. Wish more breweries would put their brewed/bottled dates on their bottles. Realized today that very few do. Drinking a very fresh Bell's Two Hearted Ale right now. Quite a bit different than I remember, but it's been a while. More sweet than I remember and a super clean/crisp finish. Would think this would be a good beer for both people that love IPAs and those that don't, oddly. And I could easily chug it, haha.
  24. why? beer stays good for like inifinity.
  25. Not really. Some beers get better with age, some get worse. Light/heat kill beer in general, but hop flavors fade relatively quickly regardless. Most hoppy beers are best when fresh.

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