Before or After Audi?

Discussion in '2002 Lamborghini Murciélago' started by Vanilla Ice, Sep 2, 2003.

  1. do you like the lambos more before or after audi took over?
    I think pre audi. Its just not lambo style to get this tame of a car.
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    pretty similar really. After audi the funding is better so the cars are better
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    but before the cars were absolutly nutts.
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    Before Audi Lambo Cars were Sports Cars. Nothing else.
    After Audi Lamborghinis are HIGH QUALITY sports cars.
    And they are still able to kick Ferraris Ass. (Just like they were supposed to do as Ferrucio Lamborghini started building sports cars in 1963)
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    Definately after. Don't get me wrong,when it was before Audi took over, Lamborghini was still the best supercar manufacturer in the world. Now, its just got better! i mean, the style's still there and the performance has increased immensely due to the Audi Quattro System. (Four Wheel Drive).

    Nice one Audi!
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    The new Lambo's are the best lookin sports cars in the World, besides the SL 55 AMG. The Ferarri's are alot quicker.
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    Maybe the Enzo is faster. But no other street legal Ferrari could beat the murcielago.
    I've to agree. The Lamborghinis, especially the Murcielago is the most beautiful sport car by far.
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    before, +1
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    Ferrucio bowed down to Enzo and he hassen't gotten up yet. Lamborghini now needs top german engineers to fabricate their frames to their monsterous cars. The quattro system is found in the lowest end Audi A4, and many knobs and interior parts were taken from the audi parts bin and screwed onto the murc. Lamborgini has the cars with the awesome numbers and Ferrari has less numbers yet the top driver enthusiests will pick the hoarse over the bull. Why you ask? Driver enjoyment. Always has been. The companies are on different plateaus in their respected trades so be carefull when comparing them.
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    That is a mis-conception.
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    wel audi hav made alot of improvements but its a shame alot of the interia is al audi

    but im so glad they kept the gulwing doors
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    After Audi, definately! i read that Audi has invested more money into Lamboghini than all of Lambo's past owners put together!!! Volkswagen Group ownership has been the best thing to happen to Lamborghini in a long time!

    example: Murcielago, Murcielago R GT, Murcielago Barchetta concept and the Gallardo!!! All built with VW/Audi money!
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    i wouldnt mind either... has anybody else noticed that the owners of Murcielagos cant pronounce the name right? i saw this tv program and both people who owned this car pronounced the name as it is written. THAT IS NOT CORRECT! Murcielago is a Spanish word and it is pronounced More-thea-lago! dont ask me why, but i think people who buy this car should have a little bit knowledge within the field. I cant believe they modify their cars! these cars are fine as they are! anybody share my point of view?
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    sounds like a pissed off ferrari fan in the lamborghini forum

    dont get me wrong im a ferrari fan too...but i dont go over to the ford forum to sabotage it for no praticular reason.

    I like the way you make it sound as if you're not making stuff up.
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    lambos have scissor doors, not gullwing

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