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  1. Lol
  2. The engine shouldn't be too scary, but the bendy fram, spagheti forks and sh1t brakes might be a worry
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    Any Aussie rider in here? I'm looking at getting my L plate for bikes sorted in the next couple months and have no #$%#ing idea what to buy. Want to keep it sensible, and not too expensive so I can sell it when I am ready to upgrade.

    In SA there are restriction on what learners can ride. See:

    Basically any 250 except for a few race replicas, and some 600's as specified on the page.
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  5. Just chatting; Had my bike on longest break this winter, some six months, battery finally died. 22kkm mileage without touching it, sure I could have maintained it but four years is quite good battery life.

    Now with a new one I started and warmed up the bike. The noise is bigger than I remembered, I will have to wait for first riding a minimum of few weeks though.
  6. I've seen some late 90's ones for around 5k, that's about my budget for the first bike, I'll take a closer look at some. Thanks.
  7. Nah get a new one.

    I have a VTR250 and it is good.
  8. I can't really justify dropping 10k on a new bike when my car still needs restoring! Crappy bike, then fix up car, then good bike.
  9. Recent VTR250 can be had for cheap and trouble free riding.
  10. Shit, just looked up a few, that's a good looking bike. And cheap, and V-twin, might be the way to go after all! Thanks again.
  11. Very popular starter bike, and sounds decent with a big pipe too. Just don't expect it to be fast.
  12. Nah, 250 will be plenty fast for me, I haven't ridden in 10 years, and that was mainly farm bikes, and a near suicide on a Ducati!. I'm going to go nice and slow with relearning how to ride.
  13. Too expensive, Second hand suzuki GS500 is the go, still a LAMS bike
  14. The 20th of July is judgement day. Then i finally have my final exam for my motorcycle drivers license.

    Can't wait! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  15. CBR 250RR. Cheap to run, fast, and bulletproof motors.
  16. I plan on taking a MSF course to get my license within a month or so. So I want to get a bike pretty soon. I want something sort of like this, but cheap. Like $600 or less cheap if possible. Any suggestions? This one has some Photoshop modifications I did, but this sort of look is what I want (ideally). Older is better, but if it's newer and has a similar look, that would work to.
  17. youre hot dahldrin
  18. Probably your best bet is a 70s honda CB, or the equivalent suzuki model. I don't think you'll get anything that runs good OR looks good for $600 though. You could probably get one that runs well for under $1000, and then paint the tank and get a few additions like clip-ons, a new headlight, and a different seat. They are really popular bikes so I wouldn't be surprised if there are some aftermarket parts that are out there already you could just combine to make a really unique bike.
  19. I'll sell you my '78 GS 750 for about $100. You can probably get it running with the remaining $500.
  20. Yeah, that's pretty much what I was thinking. I'm not too concerned with appearance in terms of good paint or anything like that. In fact, I want it to be a little worn/beaten. I'm more concerned with the style being what I'm looking for. Even my ideal bike wouldn't have perfect paint and well polished chrome and such. And yeah, the plan would be to find something stock, then put do some cheap/home-fabricated mods to make it a little more unique, clean up the lines a bit, etc.
  21. Best beginner bike? Sports bikes is easily the Hyosoung/United Motors GT250R. Without a doubt. Even if you think the bike is not reliable you only need it for 6 months! Coming from a R1 owner (one of my good friends) says how awesome my UM V2S 250R is PERFECT for starting. Full size but not powerful enough to where mistakes like downshifting or putting the power on can happen. No argument. The 250R is the best bike to START OUT ON!
  22. Some people find the riding postition uncomfortable, which is something to take into consideration if they arent going to be going straight to R1s off their P's.
  23. My planned path to motorcycle glory:

    used Hyosung GT250R/Kawasaki Ninja 250 -- used Honda CBR600RR -- new Ducati 848 -- new Ducati literbike
  24. About the GT250R vs Ninja 250: Find a couple used in your area and test drive them. They both ride differently. You'll know what you like better, and need to say nothing more.
  25. Good advice. I've recently become caught up in the PASSION of vintage Ducati superbikes/supersports, namely the 916 and 748. Maybe when I'll own one someday when I finally have the experience and the expertise to maintain a finicky old mass of Italian electronics. They're so cheap to buy, but expensive to run.

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