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  1. No.
  2. Blackface, what do you think of some of the Hyosung bikes? In their "Street Bikes" category, they have a 250 and even a 125. They've also got a 250 in their "Road Sports" category of bikes. Do you know anything about their reliability and everything?
  3. I've never seen one and I haven't heard much about them. A cheap Honda like a Nighthawk 250 or something would probably be a better bike for cheap. In PA and probably in other states, they have auctions selling all the old bikes from the state MSC for $500-$1500, that would probably be a good place to get a bike for one summer.
  4. Should I swing by my local DMV office if they sell off their trainer bikes? Is that where it would be done?
  5. Probably not. Go to the website motorcycle safety course for your state or call them.
  6. Eh, I dunno man, those things have been beatin pretty badly. The one I rode was riden in 95 degree weather with the sun beating on it and barely getting enough air to cool the engine properly. Not the mention the clutches are burnt to hell and you'd have to adjust the lever to not be so tight. It may be different with other programs but the bikes in mine were awful... still, good idea, I would go for it.
  7. What's wrong with it? That was my friends first bike and he had no problems with it.
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    This is a good read for newer riders

    "The most typical accident for the beginner on a new 600cc sport bike is caused by a loss of control the very first time the bike is ridden, usually within a couple miles of the dealership from which he or she bought the bike."

    This is for all of you who want a 100+hp bike as your first motorcycle.
  9. Though it is less focused than a RR but it is still a 600, it still has 100+bhp and weighs 400-430 pounds.

    Granted it has less aggressive throttle response than the RR but its still too much power for a new rider whos never rode a bike before
  10. Well one of my other friends just bought one. The kids 17 and riding a Honda CBR 600..not sure which one though. I will find out tomorow.
  11. 200 to 600cc naked street bikes are the best way to start off.
  12. They're exactly what you expect from a cheap Korean manufacturer. It'll get the job done, but don't expect blazing or class leading speed or quality.

    However, they are cheap, and I've actually looked at these.
  13. It really depends on how well you control yourself. I started on a 600cc bike, laid it down once, but thats when I had reasonable amount of experience. But just to play it safe, don't go above a 600cc. And definately stay away from a 750cc.

    2005 or older Japanese 600cc don't wheelie under throttle. I am not sure about the 2006 models because they have more power. The Buell 600cc can wheelie on throttle though, so I would stay away from that one.
  14. Seriously, people need to stop making posts like this.
    Because beginners might actually think you know what you're talking about and make a big mistake.
  15. Or if you want to be 100% safe listen to blackface.

    I drove a 30 hp Yamaha training bike at the MSF motorcycle training course. They are very fun and you never get tired of them.
  16. If you would be so kind as to list the naked bikes under 600cc, I would use that list to buy my first bike.
  17. Honda 599's are #%[email protected], I want one badly.
  18. My friend just got a '98 CBR 600 F3 for his first even has exhaust. I'll let you guys know when he does something squiddish on it. If I get a bike I want to start on a Ninja 650R. Damn good looking bike, unlike the 500 and 250, which haven't been restyled since 1985 it seems.
  19. Eh, I wouldn't see a huge problem with the F3. But yeah, it's still a little "extreme" to an extent.
  20. It's not the bike, it's the person riding it. One of my other friends got an '04 600RR as his first bike (outside of little dirtbikes), and within a week he was pinning the throttle, doing wheelies and all kinds of other wild shit. He never dropped it or got scared on it, naturally decent rider I guess. The friend who got the F3 on the other hand...well I'll just say this - he managed to spin out in his A4 quattro the first time he took it out in the rain.

    Plus, doesn't help that the bike has a few mods, swingarm, yoshimura pipe, etc.
  21. I just found out my buddies first bike is a CBR 600 F4i and it looks to have some mods <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A> This kid is 16 still I think and riding with his M1. Pretty sweet first bike if you ask me. Claimed to do 240km/h in 4th gear.
  22. dirtbike. XR 250R
  23. i like the 599 too..

    so blackface.. what do you think of the 599 as a first bike?
  24. i was thinking about getting a 600 as my first bike, just so i wouldn't need to upgrade for ages, but i got a nice safe vfr400rr first, and i am glad i did. the outright power is not what is that dangerous on a 600, they are not like the litre bikes, which have a tendency to wheelie all the time, but the 600s have enough acceleration to get you into trouble. its not when you are accelerating in a straight line that you get into trouble, it is when accelerating through or at the end of a corner. There is a gradual corner, you wind on the throttle, maybe a bit too hard, the bike will stand up, by that i mean it is no longer cornering it is heading arrow straight, through the corner, not around it. very easy to do, very dangerous, and its gonna happen in a far more subtle fashion on a 250 than a 600.

    also it is probably good to start on the lightest bike you can get as it is very easy to lock a bike, over or underlean at low speed and you will feel every kilo as you try and save it. be smart, start on something small and you will live to ride a 600 another day.

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