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  1. A question, can a 5'5" 135lbs be able to reach the ground on a CBR600RR or Ninja 250R? Plan to get a 250R as starter then buy the 600RR from my cousin in about a year.
    Yes, I know I'm short so please spare the harrasment =)
  2. You should be alright on a 250R, the 600RR will be a little more difficult, not sure how you'll measure up.
  3. Even a 125 CC dirtbike is great practice for a 600.

    And also, to that guy who is 5'5", you could probably ride a 600, but it'd be harder to back up, and harder at stop lights. And also, if its your first bike, you should start with a 250R anyway, just because its a better starter.
  4. XR250L
  5. He's never ridden' a bike before.
  6. Well, if your friend got a CBR and didn't die then obiously no one will ever die on a CBR.
  7. what would you say about the 599 for a first bike
  8. It's better than a race replica 600 but you should still start out on something with less power.
  9. Yeah, a 2005 Ninja 600RR wont wheelie if you're doing 30 and yank the throttle.
  10. Wait a second, I didn't even see the end of that post. That was pretty retarded. My XR250 had like 25 horsepower and would wheelie on throttle. And I don't think Buell ever made a 600cc bike.
  11. You got any pics of the Ninja 600RR?
  12. Yes, it will. Trust me.
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    Firstly the XR is lighter and probably shorter, secondly its geared so so so low that it could lift the front if it was half that power. My fireblade does 120kmph (about 70mph) in first gear, it doesnt wheelie that easily although its 130hp. If the xr was geared like my fireblade then it wouldnt wheelie as it would be like it being in its sixth gear when its in first. Its all in the gearing.

    Dont get a 600 as your first bike, if you have lost as many friends and family on bikes, or seen or been in as many accidents as I have, you would understand why its important to start on something that matches your skill level.

    Here, check this site out (if it hasnt been posted already)

    (excuse this repeat) Bikes are inherently unstable. if your not holding them up they will fall over.
    Get a mean ass sportscar, put it on an endless salt flat. Then try to hurt yourself. Chances are you will actually have to do some pretty out there driving to flip it or cause yourself injury.
    You could put a caveman in an auto and teach them to cruise around in like 2 minutes. And if he makes mistakes theres little conseqence.

    Do the same thing on a bike and you will find that the wrong use of any of the controls can throw you off. To much back brake, to much front brake, to much throttle, to fast on the clutch, cranking down to many gears etc. There are many more ways to get it wrong than get it right, even on a salt flat on a 40hp bike.They have less grip for corner, let alone the fact they fall over. They can flip backward from to much throttle or frontwards with to much brake.
    You make mistakes, it generally hurts you and the bike.

    On a bike you have 13 physical points that you physically contact and steer the bike with (not including the use of the actual controls). and all are variable. With a car you have 2 hands on the wheel.

    This is most of what makes bikes so much better than cars, you have to really control them, theres no compromise. Anyone who can drive a dodgem can drive a car. Bikes take balls and skill.

    Theres enough to learn without putting to much power in the mix. Its like learning how to box by sparing with a boxer who punches like Ali. Its all good while your doing well but when you screw up you end up beaten to a pulp and learn SFA.
  14. Its just people with too much money and no clue who get 600s as first bikes.

    I know a guy who went with his mum to get a new 600 as a gift for his 18th birthday. He dropped it the next morning into a ditch breaking his leg across the shin.
  15. You'll all have to forgive me for thinking a ~600cc bike is ok for a first bike. I have more friends that started with 600 or 650 bikes than anything else, and they have all been very careful and not been hurt.
  16. I know it will. It was sarcasm. I think it was Baker that said a 600 was fine because it wont wheelie under throttle.
  17. Shit, one to many R's huh ?
  18. its your choice buddy. when you go into the dealership its your money.

    but a word about my buying experience... the dealer told me that IF you crash on this thing(600rr) you better hope you go straight up and not just lie there because the crashes aint pretty.

    I havent crashed but i did have a few very close calls(people turning in my lane without looking, close calls on intersections with peopel speeding etc etc.)

    but again in the end its your money and your life.

    Itll be smart if you start small and ride carefully(because even a ninja 250 at 80-90 mph can kill or seriously injure.) and youll live to ride a 600 another day.
  19. Oh, I'm not going to start with something big. I just have friends that have been totally OK with it.
  20. Well the Zixxers are 636 cc so they have more power and torque then the rest. Plus, it's the only bike that wheelied under acceleration test during Cycleworlds 2005 Supersport Shootout.
  21. Just because the experienced riders for a test magazine didn't wheelie on the bikes doesn't mean its not possible...
  22. Tell ya what, get a 900 fireblade, and leave me whatever is left of it in your will, can always do with spare parts
  23. Seriously Ive seen people get literbikes for the first time. Again its more money than brains.
  24. Thats a good point. the people who test these things have 10-20 years of riding experience. They know how to come out of corners correctly, accelerating gradually.

    A new rider on the other hand has no idea of the power and speed these thing are capable of and might get on the throttle a second to fast or hard and the bike becomes unbalanced and so it might go straight off the side of the road or wheelie suddenly and drop them on their ass.
  25. I never said it wasn't possible. I am just saying that is also possible that they don't wheelie. On my 05 Gixxer600, I have to lean forward under full throttle. If I were to pull back, the front end will come up no doubt. Especially during the 1-2 shift.

    I am just saying, the Zixxer is the only 2005 "600" that will wheelie no matter what you do.

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