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  1. L?
  2. XR250R is off road only, XR250L is street legal. I don't think they make either of them anymore.
  3. I just heard something retarded and figured this fit in the "noob" thread. Some kids in my class were talking about bikes, keep in mind they are much older than me (20's or so). One says "yeah did you know the Hayabusa came with a twin-turbo engine that made 315 hp! OMG!", another asked how many CC's the Ducati 999 was... I wanted to burst out laughing. Sorry, this is a useless post... but shit like that makes me feel smart.
  4. So a GSXR 600 wont wheelie under throttle eh? Lemme know what happens.
  5. I own a 2005 Gixxer600 and have seen full throttle through first and second numerous times. And yes, it was broken in properly so all the power is their and then some.
  6. anyone got stats for honda CBR 250RR? 1992 model?
  7. Are you rolling the throttle open or cracking it open? If you crack your throttle open from an idle in first gear it will wheelie.
  8. It doesn't matter, at idle, it creates so little power that it will not wheelie. But, crack it after 8,000 rpm when the powerband is rising signicantly and it will wheelie a little. It has happened to me once or twice, picked up a couple of inches up to almost a foot, but nothing serious. and also, through the 1-2 shift the front has picked up, but I was leaning back a little

    but other than that, it hasn't wheelied. It's on the verge though, as the bike will go sway to the left or right because the front tire is barely contacting the ground...
  9. You could be riding wheelies pretty easily with good balance and throttle control. If you want to do them, an easier way to get it up without the clutch is to get it just before the power really kicks in, let off and your front end will drop and then open it up.
  10. so im trying to find out if a CBR 250 RR is a good bike or not for a learner
  11. from what i've heard, its a great bike
  12. Would make a great learner bike, has great steering geometry, will handle well, isnt raked out so it will brake well when you get on the picks. Get an accurate compression check (check for bottom end noise) and make sure shifts between 1st and second are smooth when its warm. Get all the riding gear and wear it.Should be about 39hp and would weigh around 160kgs.
  13. cool, cause i already bought it and was wondering if i had made the right decision, btw i was m3rlin, i decided not to use that acount anymore, havent ridden the bike yet, but took a few mates along who rode bikes when i went to purchase, all of them said go for it, will post pics when i get my licence and ride it home
  14. what do you guys think of a CBR600 F3?
  15. the smallest naked i can think of is the ducati 620. then the 695.

    all this bs is about sport bikes. what about cruisers since theyre not as twitch happy? i was looking for a blast but noone around here sells buells. they do sell ducatis and triumphs tho. and i was also looking at the 620 or a bonneville.
  16. Yes, cruiser are big on my mind as well, if I dont look at a Lightning, it will most defiantly be a cruiser.
  17. i might get an 81 harley iron head sporty.... depends on the price. turn it into a chopper.

    ive also looked at vulcan 500's and 750's. the smaller honda vlx, kawasaki s40. whatever i get will have to be a bit more powerful than a 250 cause ill be riding 2 up more often than not. im going to take a rider safety course and a group riding course before i buy a bike tho
  18. Thank you Baker427 and Blackface for the breakdown and information.
    As a beginner,I am looking to buy a bike within the near future and the information helps a lot. I prefer to know what i am getting into, rather than find out the hard way. Seems like the Ninja 250 is the way to go and then move on to bigger and better when i get some driving experience.

    p.s Any good forums out there which I can read up more about bikes? Hopefully with canadian posters?
  19. hey guys i need some help. i might be buying a bike and need some advice

    ive been shopping for bikes in my area and a few bikes have caught my attention. apart from some 250R's, i want something i can work on, make better as my skill improves. i found an sv650 which is more default. but a couple other bikes caught my attention. many f2, f3, and f4's. and one 2001 gsx-r600 for $2500!! it has a gay paint job on and chrome parts but i can fix it. anyways, what do you guys think i should look at? the gsx-r600 is just such a good deal. and would an cbr f2/f3 be good?
  20. a gsx-r 600 from the early 2000's isn't going to be as nuts as one today, but it's still going to be a handfull. The SV650 and the Ninja 650R are both good beginner bikes, if you're looking for something you aren't going to grow out of.
  21. Time for my question. I'm considering a bike to learn on, but only really use as a weekend bike, more than likely no commuting. I'll be limited to 250ccs for the first while, but I'm not suupid enough to consider anything larger for a first bike anyway. The problem here is the 250cc market is pretty limited. I'm not even sure Kawasaki officially sells anything in the bracket.

    Checking out the local auction site, though, a couple of places seem to be importing Aprilia RS 125's (250's, too, but again, I'm not that stupid). Would this make an alright starter bike, or would it be too highly strung/fiddly as far as handling goes? I know it won't be as reliable as a VTR 250, will cost more to initially buy and will require more maintenance, but that doesn't bother me.
  22. the GSXR 600's from day one are a bit to nuts to learn on. None of them can be discribed at tame or learner friendly. The throttle will make you unintentionally write checks that your braking ability has no chance of cashing.
    I think the SV would be a better choice but I think a 250 would be ideal.

  23. I'm taking my license test on Friday, and I plan on getting a dual sport. It should be sweet. Suggestions?
  24. Good luck man, it can be a little tough if you haven't ridden before but still easy to pass.
  25. I've heard the Aprilia's are real nice starter bikes, but if you can, look for a 250, because I bet you anything you will begin wanting more power after like a month or two of riding.

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