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  1. So when you shift you shift to second you do two shorter movements? I'm interested because I want to improve my technique.
  2. Dude. Kawasaki makes THE 250cc starter bike. The Ninja 250.
  3. He lives in New Zealand, I think. The ninja 250 is "THE 250CC" starter bike in the U.S. because it has almost no competition. In other countries, you can get MUCH better looking 125 and 250CC motorcycles. The 250R hasn't changed in terms of looks in at least 15 years.
  4. Perhaps, but the primary reason is that it's an excellent bike. It's almost exactly like a full-size sport bike, except it just has a much smaller engine.

    And, for the record, I rather like it's looks.
  5. If by "almost exactly", you mean, like a 1987 sportbike that is physically smaller and has inferior suspension and brakes, then yes.
  6. Yup. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>
  7. You could say that. I saw it happen, Yamaha R1, must have been a squid, he was in shorts, t shirt, no helmet, and no control. Anyway, in first he goes, reaches the top of the gear, clutch down, then you hear the engine yell, but no acceleration, clutch down, into second, not realizing the RPMs he just got from being in neutral and it stood up on the back wheel.
  8. No, when you are upshifting you don't go into neutral while riding. Its only possible to go into neutral when you are going rather slowly. Its kind of like a "half shift" up from 1st gear, so when you are riding normally you pass right through you.
  9. On Hondas you can go into neutral at any speed.

    As you lift the shifter from first very slowly and gently, you'll notice that it'll click. That's neutral. Lift it again, and that's second. But, the mechanism is designed so that you can just pull right through to second, skipping neutral entirely.

    Just get on the bike and ride. It'll all make sense then.
  10. Yeh, I'm still saving up. Hopefully I'll get one in summer but it doesnt matter because you can ride all year here.
  11. I have a dilema. I have money right now, so I could buy a pedal bike, then save and get a bigger MP3, or I could continue saving for a few more months and get a decent bike that I could really fix up with my dad.

    I really want to do the latter, but chances are, it won't happen. However, if I do get a bike, what 80's - 90's model dual-sport jap bikes are at least half-way reliable?
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  13. I just started riding last month, and I can tell you from experience, the Yamaha Virago is an awesome starter bike. I currently own a 1990 Yamaha Virago 750. The 750 is big, but I'm not really a small guy, either. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  14. I've been riding dirtbikes for years (125's - 250's), and i started out on a ninja 500. After all the years of riding on dirtbikes (which arent slow, by any means), the 500 still had a lot of kick to it.
  15. I think it will do a quarter mile somewhere in the 13 second range.
  16. my baby blade does exactly that, its actualy quite triky to get it into neutral, you have to use just the right amount of pressure, not too much
  17. Yeah, that's way too slow for all the experts here.
  18. Okay here goes again... Me and my lady want to get a salvage 2002 ducati 750 SS, make it rideable and such and learn on it. It puts out about 65hp which is a little over the limit that most people go by (60). But what do you think? anyone with experience with it? Shes really stuck on it and its only $1800. all it really needs is a left handlebar, a windshield, and a headlight.
  19. Bad idea. That's just peak horsepower, it doesn't speak for the whole curve, which is probably alot higher overall than on something like a 500 Ninja, it probably has a much faster throttle response. Plus other rider inputs like handling and braking are less beginner friendly. On top of that, Ducati parts are not cheap.
  20. I'm assuming it has a wouldn't that mean the torque is a lil bit more abrupt? I need some ammo to talk her out of it, but i don't think it will work.
  21. Being that cheap it probably has something more broken than a headlight.
    Do remember to buy leathers for both of you.

    Guys here concentrate on whether you can handle your bike, but the crucial matter is that you always consider yourself invisible on bike. Even seeming eyecontact with a turning car dont always mean you were seen.

  22. mayby not the best starter bike but if you want power, speed, and looks i think the hyabusa the way to go
  23. stfu.
  24. hahahaahahah
    I love how this crap gets posted in a thread titled "beginner bikes".
  25. Thats all you ever say.

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